3 Mudras for Mood Enhancing

3 Mudras for Mood Enhancing

Mudras are powerful exercises stretching your hands and fingers. You use the power of your hands to press different reflexology points on your hands to send healing and release to different organs and the brain in your body.


Mudras work fast and efficiently and can be done at any time: no stretch pants or yoga mat needed! They have been documented to be practiced for thousands of years and prove to stand the test of time in healing human beings.


The following 3 mudras enhance the mood potently and  are simple to do. You hold the power of healing literally in the palms of your hands, and it is your birthright as a human to feel peace and bliss in your body and body.


It is also said that mudras are our way of communicating with the unseen world: in a way, they are “sign language” to angels or God or any higher power you believe in showing the universe want you want, so it can be delivered to you; so hold your hands up proud and let’s get manifesting communicating  your wants to  something higher than yourself.

Jnana Mudra: For Wisdom and Clarity

Simply press the tip of the Index Finger and Thumb into one another. This mudra invokes wisdom: the thumb representing all things merged as one, the index finger representing yourself. When you press your fingers together, you igniting the OM–the oneness of all—from this place you gain wisdom and when one has wisdom, one has everything. Hold for a minimum of 3 minutes: there is no maximum so set realistic goals on how long you wish to hold this mudra: yogis sometimes hold this mudra for hours at a time.

Anjali Mudra: For Balance and Peace

Simply press the palms of your hands and each of your fingers evenly in one another. Let your press out to the side (this also releases tension in your neck and shoulders). This mudra brings balance as it connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain bringing mental peace calming the mind-chatter. Hold for at least 3 minutes increasing every day until you reach 60 minutes.

Prana Mudra: For Energy

Simply press the tips of pinky and ring finger into the thumb while stretching the middle and index fingers upright. This mudra enhance prana: the life force that exists within the body making you feel energized, awake, and alive. This is the mudra equivalent of a coffee. Hold for at least 3 minutes making your goal 30 minutes a day.


Which hand should I do my mudra on?


It is important to do mudras on both hands to bring balance to the body; however, if you are feeling you are lacking energy or overly burdened by the outside world, practice the mudra on the right hand, the yang side of your body. If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed or having internal problems with your relationship with your self, use your left hand, the yin side of your body.


What if I do my mudra wrong?

Trust your life: there is no wrong. If you accidentally press a different point on the hand, this is natural instinct working and your body needed release in a different way. There _ reflexology points on the hands connecting to all parts of the body


What’s the difference of placing your hands face up or face down?

Face up speaks to the higher energies: you are asking for truth, enlightenment, awakening, intuitive power  while hands down allows you to feel grounded and connected to Earth, present in your life.