Liquido Om Stars Designer Kino MacGregor Shares Her Tips for a Calm Mind

Liquido Om Stars Designer Kino MacGregor Shares Her Tips for a Calm Mind

Staring at emails, texts and to-do lists can be overwhelming. Getting home to find dirty dishes and laundry waiting for you makes you want to run away ۬to a tropical paradise. How do you see the light of day from under a mountain of work that seems to get bigger every moment?

Use these five tools to maintain a peaceful mind and an open heart throughout your day. When you take time to breathe and be with yourself there suddenly seems to be more hours in the day. Instead of multi-tasking and running around in a mad dash to get it all done, drop down, tune in and focus your mind. A calm, clear mind sees solutions where a distracted, stressed mind sees only problems. Surrender and let the dress go. Worrying about things never solves them, so take the time to find your place of imperturbable peace within.

1. Breathe–Every hour take time to close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. Notice the quality of your breath throughout the day and if you find yourself holding your breath or breathing rapidly, take note. Then, pause whatever you’re doing and drop your mind’s point of attention to your breath. Breathe for ten deep breaths with extra focus on lengthening the exhalation. If you notice strong emotions that threaten to take over your mind, take note, pause and take ten deep breaths.

2. Posture–how you sit in your chair makes a difference in how you feel in your body. Instead of slouching down, sit cross-legged in your desk chair. This helps activate the core muscles and keeps the hips more flexible. Send your sternum and chest up to lead with your heart.

3. Walk Around the Block–Tack on five minutes at the end of your work day before you get in your car and drive home through rush hour traffic. Use these five minutes to walk around the block. Look up at the sky, let the sunlight filter down on your face, and appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Taking time for yourself to decompress before to move on to the next part of your day helps clear your mind.

€¨ €¨4. Eat Healthy and Hydrate–there is nothing like unhealthy food to increase stress levels. If you notice yourself grabbing coffee and candy for that afternoon pick-me-up, pack a healthy snack instead. Bring coconut water or green juice and save it for the afternoon to sip on and stay hydrated. Pair your health drinks with almond butter, sunflower sprouts and crackers for a nutrient-dense low-glycemic snack. Fill your body up with the best fuel and optimize its performance.

5. Yoga–ok as yogi myself I know I’m biased, but if you take as little as five minutes a day to practice yoga your body and mind will be better equipped to handle stress. Schedule in a minimum of five minutes a day to roll through a light, easy and fun practice that you can integrate into your daily routine. It can be on a lunch break or first thing in the morning. Of course, the more time you give to the practice the more it gives to you. But start off with a humble task of five minutes and build from there.