Yoga Digest Best Yogi Destinations for 2017

Yoga Digest Best Yogi Destinations for 2017

Travel helps you see the world through a different lens. Just like a focused yoga practice can help diminish stress from the body, a change in latitude can change your attitude.   Getting away from the distractions and comfort of home can create a fresh perspective on absolutely everything. Do you ever notice how aware you are when something is exciting and new? Traveling to unfamiliar destinations and meeting a variety of people will not only rejuvenate your spirit but helps to boost confidence, compassion and self-awareness. Yoga Digest believes that travel is not a luxury, but a necessity for optimal growth on the path to enlightenment. Mix in some yoga with that travel and we are all on board! From mountains to beaches, cabins to resorts, camping under the stars or spa sessions and fine dining; it can all create space for you to bloom. Here is a list of some of our favorite destinations for yogis wishing not only to seek but to discover. Whether you are interested in music, culture, food, deep roots of yoga or exotic travel, there is literally something on this list for every yogi! We hope to see you at some of the Yoga Digest Best of Yogi Destinations in 2017! Keep calm and travel on.

New Year, New You Yoga Retreat

New Year, New You - Bahia, Grenadines

January 25-29, 2017

Rest, reset and follow the Five Pillars to Positive Nutrition with RD and RYT, Laura Cipullo, author of best-seller “The Women’s Health Body Clock Diet. ” Say “yes ” to self-care! Join Laura for four days of yoga, January 25th-29th, – rooted in Ashtanga principles (with the option of power Vinyasa). Set on the magical island of Bequia in the Grenadines, you will learn mindful eating and gain wellness wisdom, specifically how to adopt the “eat kale and cupcakes” philosophy. De-stress with Ujjayi breathing and sleep soundly with progressive relaxation techniques. All yogis will receive a complimentary copy of Laura’s book.

San Diego Yoga Festival

San Diego Yoga Festival

January 27-30, 2017

Join us in sunny San Diego January 27-30, for an epic four day yoga festival featuring more than 115 classes led by over 70 powerful healers and teachers featuring one of the youngest (8) and oldest (92) teachers in the world! San Diego Yoga Festival is offering virtual every style of yoga, fun healing classes, beach Bonfires, surf and skateboard lessons and even partner yoga with your dog! Classes are on the beach, Sunset Cliffs and the longest pier in the west coast along with indoors at the coolest venues. We’re Namastoked!

Envision Festival

Envision Festival - Costa Rica

February 23-26, 2017

Envision Festival – Costa Rica, the regenerative festival dedicated to awakening human potential and our fundamental connection with nature has a world-class yoga lineup for its seventh annual gathering. Envision’s emphasis on creating a platform for health & wellness resonates throughout the entire event and is especially evident in the yoga and movement village, which will feature an inspiring lineup of world-class yoga instructors, speakers, and educators. While the festival runs from February 23rd to 26th, 2017, there will be a post festival on-site Shamanik Yoga decompression. You are welcome to experience the official recap . ¡Vive la Experiencia!

Hanuman Festival

Hanuman Festival - Boulder, CO

June 15-18, 2017

Escape your ordinary. Join us for a national reUnion for yogis at Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado, June 15 – 18, 2017.

World class teachers. Powerful immersions. Inspiring music. Lifelong community. Be a part of a powerful movement as we honor the practice of yoga and celebrate life. Learn more.

Elevate your festival experience with the NEW Peak Experience package: master classes, catered meals, and up-close-and-personal discussions with your favorite teachers.

Aloha Retreat

Aloha Retreat - Kauai, Hawaii

July 22-29, 2017

Take part in this transformative experience surrounded by the lush landscape and adventure. This 7 day retreat includes daily Ashtanga Yoga practice and meditation with authorized Ashtanga Teacher Eagle at Pineapple Yoga Kauai on the North Shore. Reconnect, revitalize and get inspired at the Hotel Coral Reef with 3 vegan meals prepared daily by a local chef. Excursions include: hiking, Stand Up Paddle, Kayaking and picnics on the beach. This exclusive vacation/retreat is open to 10 participants. Comfort with with Mysore style and the Ashtanga Primary Series is encouraged. Dates: July 22-29, 2017.

ITC Grand Bharat

ITC Grand Bharat


India has long been recognized as the birthplace of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation, appealing to travelers in search of transcendent experiences to revitalize the mind, body and spirit. Capturing the essence of these age-old traditions, , India’s first all-suite resort, is offering a new series of six signature “Wellness Retreats ” at the acclaimed . Focused on holistic wellness to detox treatments, each retreat features traditional Indian treatments, Ayurvedic consultations, healthful ‘Swasthya’ cuisine, daily. use of hydrotherapy facilities and master-led yoga and meditation sessions aimed to enhance guests’ culturally-immersive journey.

Canary Santa Barbara

Canary Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

Starting in January at Kimpton’s Canary Santa Barbara, a luxe 97-guestroom boutique hotel in downtown Santa Barbara, yogis can ‘Nama … stay’ in bed just a little bit longer during their Southern California coastal getaway with the hotel’s new ‘Shape up and Stay Suite’ package, which offers personal yoga sessions inside the hotel suite. In addition to in-suite yoga, yogi guests also get a health and mindfulness welcome amenity to get “Zen ” and gain mental clarity upon arrival, which is then followed by Grapeseed Company Pinot Noir bath salts delivered during the hotel’s daily sunset service.

The price for the package starts at $475 per night, and is available for booking starting January 2017.