Intuition – The Human Sixth Sense

Intuition – The Human Sixth Sense

Intuition is a human’s sixth sense, an instinctive awareness that gives us a hunch or a gut feeling about someone or something. Animals are born with instinct that keeps them safe, to ward off predators and gives them a natural knowledge in their environment that helps them survive. Humans are born with the same instinct, only our modernized way of living, social conditioning and the constant battle between our head and our heart, means we usually make decisions based on logical reasoning.

“Eye Eye!” (CC BY 2.0) by Simon Daniel Photography

People such as psychics and clairvoyants have developed their intuition so that their natural sixth sense is heightened, stronger and perhaps more dependable than someone who is not as psychic. When a psychic , they are not only conveying the meaning of the cards, they are also communicating what they are sensing or picking up in relation to the person. However, we are all born with this natural ability, so whether you’re psychic or not, you can still use your intuition to guide you through life.

“Dream” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Fabio Zenoardo Photography

Your Inner Voice
Studies and evidence reveal that our intuition or gut feelings are correct an astonishing 80% of the time. How often have you thought something and then decided on the next step based on logical thinking, instead of your gut feeling? So many of us kick ourselves when we have acted in a contradictory way, and indeed our intuition is proved right. Our instinct is an inner voice, often flagging up that may feel like just a strong ‘knowing’ or a feeling of suspicion against what our brains are telling us. Our intuition if you like, bridges a gap between logical thinking, instinct and reason, between the unconscious mind and the conscious.

Listen to Your Intuition
Learning to trust your intuition may make you feel nervous and vulnerable, because so far in life you may not have listened to it. However, you can still test yourself without putting yourself in an exposed position simply by trying out a few things. For example, the next time the phone rings, who is the first person who comes to your mind? When something unexpected comes into your mind about someone or something, write it down so you can refer back to see if you were right. When you meet someone new and that they may be helpful, useful, interesting, a positive or negative influence – remember this and wait to see if you were right.

“We are just misguided ghosts.” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by lavishlylush

Write Down Your Dreams
When we sleep, our unconscious mind takes over and busily files away useful facts and knowledge in our brain. Any unwanted or unneeded data may be thrown out as it is unimportant for our wellbeing or survival. Our dreams are a result of our unconscious mind working away. Many dreams are related to real life anxiety but will reflect in various circumstances like trying to get somewhere on time, not having the right clothes and forgetting or losing something important. However, because our unconscious mind has an ‘inner knowledge’, it sometimes wants us to know something, something that may be important for the future or for an upcoming decision. It will show us these ideas in our dreams, occasionally even show us the result of a decision, whether good or bad. This can potentially equip us to examine our choices in our waking state and make the right decision.

Intuition is one of our natural senses given to us for survival, decision-making and forewarning. We should all learn to listen to our intuition, for when we start to listen, we make the right choices in life, whether it’s in the home, in our careers or in our relationships.