What The Heck Is A Chakra?

What The Heck Is A Chakra?

There are 7 Chakras, or energy wheels, that line the spine from tail to crown according to ancient yoga tradition. You might have heard your yoga teacher say “breathe in to upward facing dog, opening your 4th chakra yada, yada, yada … ” and be left wondering “what does that even mean? ” Each Chakra is associated with a location, a sound (check out MC Yogi’s “Chakra Beatbox for a cool version), a feeling, a color as well as physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Here are the 7 Chakras defined in the most basic form:

1. Root Chakra – I am

  • Location – Base of the spine
  • Feeling – Our most basic survival needs and sense of belonging
  • Color – Red

2. Sacral Chakra – I feel

  • Location – Reproductive area
  • Feeling – Creativity; creation
  • Color – Orange

3. Solar Plexus – I do

  • Location – Navel center
  • Feeling – Personal power, self esteem
  • Color – Yellow

4. Heart – I love

  • Location – Chest
  • Feeling – Connection, Compassion
  • Color – Green

5. Throat – I speak

  • Location – Neck
  • Feeling – Communication and self-expression
  • Color – Blue

6. Third eye – I see

  • Location – Between the eyes
  • Feeling – Intuition
  • Color – Indigo

7. Crown – I understand

  • Location – Top of the Head
  • Feeling – Awareness
  • Color- Violet

Ancient yoga studies state that energy moves along the spine and through the chakras. If there is a block in the chakra then we can suffer from many different illnesses and mental issues. A chakra test can help explain the different characteristics more in depth and give you an idea of what strengths and imbalances you might have. There are many practices like meditation, yoga and activities that can help balance the chakras. Next time your in yoga class, surprise your teacher and tell them how open your 4th Chakra is from all the backbends!

Photo – shutterstock.com