I don’t take vitamins.  I don’t drink protein shakes.  I have never taken a sleeping pill.  I have never taken a digestive aid.  I have never taken prescription pill for depression or the like.

I drink coffee.  I eat a bit of junk food.  I often stay up late.  I drink beer.  I over do it physically on a regular basis.

And I have unlimited energy, am physically capable of doing the same things I was doing as a kid and can’t wait for the next experience in life–physical or otherwise. In short, I feel great!

So, as Roberts Rules of Order would state: The ‘I’s” have it!

We live in amazing times. All the answers about our health are a click away. Yet many people do not take the action they know will improve their health. Their “I” requires a “him” or a “her” to tell them what to do.

While the mind and body are not separate, we quite often treat them as two objects. I have heard clients say, “I want to exercise, eat better and manage stress, but my mind gets in the way of my body.”

The intuitive self has the answers to all your mind/body questions. You just need to learn how to tune into this powerful mystical space and explore what it can do to shape your belief system, and, ultimately your habits.

So, if you are looking for this article to tell you what foods you should eat to lose 10 pounds, what exercises you can do to get a solid core or what six strategies you can follow to reduce stress and anxiety, look no further. Why? The answer is in your “I!”

You know the answers. Come on!

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. That statement doesn’t say, “A Dorito and the chemically altered dust found on each chip a day keeps the doctor away.”  You know that going out for a walk until you feel a bit fatigued feels great once you’re done. And you know that when you confront a stressful situation proactively, your energy usually feels better when it’s over.  These are cognitive, “I” know-its!

The trick to getting your “I” to manifest.  That which is good starts by managing your beliefs. I’m in the process of getting my Ph.D in transpersonal psychology and the one thing I have learned over and over again from the brightest minds in this field is that your beliefs shape you. You want a better life?  You need better beliefs. Your “I” has to be in flow with the universal principals that will shape your path to optimal health.

Quantum physicists agree that life is a big ball of energy. Some forward thinkers note that our thoughts create the mold shaping the energy into the forms we see. In other words, the very act of thinking gives the object you are seeing its shape. A butterfly doesn’t see the same thing as we do, and sometimes we don’t see the same thing as our friend standing right next to us does. Maybe you have seen the famous picture that depicted both an old woman and a young woman depending on how you looked at it.  The point of that is picture was not for “aha!” reasons; the point was twofold:

1. That two people with good eyes, in the same space, looking at the same thing, can see something totally different (based on their thoughts and beliefs–what their unconscious mind wants to see).

2. That what you see shapes your emotions that energize you to react. This is the same for exercise or food. If you see broccoli as old and withered, you will react one way. A friend looking at the same broccoli next to you may see it as tasty.

Your body’s intuition speaks to you! But are you able to hear it?  What does your “I” see?  Let me give you the best advice I was ever given on how to manifest your best life:  You need to re-shape negative beliefs and continue anchoring positive ones!  By doing this, you will lead yourself to the promised land of unlimited energy and happiness. There is no doubt in my mind!

Here’s how:

First go for a 30 minute walk or run, do two sets of push-ups to fatigue, two sets of sit ups to fatigue, some planks (put body in push up position, but drop down to your elbows and hold it there for 30 seconds) and two sets of upper back raisers (lying on your stomach with your hands out in airplane position, lift your thumbs to the sky as high as you can, squeezing the shoulder blades together).  Once you have finished your workout, drink a glass of water, change into dry clothes and find a quiet place, preferably by water, to meditate. Sit comfortably and stare into the water focusing only on your breath going in and out. When a thought comes in, gently let it go. Yes, meditation is that simple.

Upon completion of the meditation—set your intention on areas you know can improve your health.  For example, let’s say eating more healthy foods is what jumped out at you. Given the process you just went through, you now know that your intuition is speaking to you–your “I” says improve what you eat. Of course this is an obvious one, and you may find using this technique on tougher decisions will lead you to a whole new way of problem solving.

Immediately begin to think of what beliefs you need to anchor in your mind and body right now to get you to eat healthier. Write these beliefs down. After you write those beliefs down, begin to think of what beliefs keep you from exercising on a regular basis.  Write those debilitating beliefs down. Once you have the list, put it on your fridge, car seat or anywhere you will see it. Now breathe in the positive beliefs. You may want to self talk each belief in with each breath.  When you are done, set your awareness on high alert to recognize and be conscious when a negative belief enters your mind. By being aware of the negative beliefs you will flex your now stronger meditation muscle and gently cast those beliefs out, ruling out any need for discipline.

Now, what I am about to say will set the stage for whether or not this has long term successful implications or if it was just another lame exercise you read about.

You need to take immediate action. By writing the beliefs down you began the process. But writing something down and doing something are not the same.  You need to do something every day that anchors those new beliefs. For example, immediately go through your cupboards or your fridge and toss out all the junk food that doesn’t serve your new beliefs.  The following day you may go to the local Whole Foods store and fill up on good foods. The following day, you may decide to quit eating fake sugar or fake fats. Just do one thing. You will be surprised how your new thoughts frame what you see and how your new beliefs easily lead to lasting and healthy decisions.

The choice is yours, but make sure the “I” has it!