8 Reasons To Get Upside Down

8 Reasons To Get Upside Down

Being upside down is not only fun, it has many health benefits to go along with it.   Whatever inversion it may be, here are 8 reasons to get upside down as often as possible!

1. Fight a Cold
Getting upside down allows your lungs to gain the power to resist any climate intruder, including colds.

2. Headache Relief
Many headaches are a cause of dehydration or limited blood flow.   Being upside down increases blood flow to the head.

3. Thinking Power
Getting inverted on a regular basis help new blood flow through the brain. This rejuvenates the brain so thinking power increases and thoughts become clearer.

4. Thyroid Stimulant
Getting upside stimulates the thyroid gland. While upside down, blood supply is increased to the neck region where the thyroid is located.

5. Fatigue Killer
People suffering from loss of sleep and memory can recover through a regular inversion practice.

6. Bathroom Remedy
Inversions gets things moving for those suffering from problems in the bathroom.

7. Liveliness
Inversions pour blood supply to the pituitary and pineal gland of the brain. These parts of the brain diminish with age, keeping them active keeps us young!

8. Fear Nothing
Going upside down is very fearful, but conquer it by practicing regularly!

Photo – shutterstock.com