Teaching for Equity w/ Kristina Graff:  Yoga Digest Now Podcast

Teaching for Equity w/ Kristina Graff: Yoga Digest Now Podcast

As we record this today, we are a little over a year since the pandemic hit.  So much came out of this time of confusion and uncertainty:  loss, isolation, fear, and change.  It was inspiring to visit with Managing Director of the Yoga Alliance Foundation (YAF), Kristina Graff and learn about Teaching for Equity, a program created to provide financial support to yoga teachers who possess a history of teaching yoga to historically marginalized communities.


In this interview, we discuss how it came about and how you can get involved.  Learn more about the teachers involved in the pilot:

Maria (Amma) Fandiño Orozco

Paul Menard


Jenn Bodnar

Jenn Bodnar is the owner of  Yoga Digest and has a genuine belief that yoga can benefit everyone. She is 500ERYT having attended multiple teacher trainings, facilitating yoga teacher trainings and studying and practicing yoga since 1999. Jenn is an avid fitness professional, who has taught and managed group fitness for many years. As a former competitive triathlete, gymnast and dancer Jenn loves the balance of strength, flexibility, perseverance and freedom that yoga provides. She is mom to three awesome young men and loves being active and outdoors with her family and friends. Jenn oversees LifePower Yoga studio in North Dallas, is a self proclaimed health food chef and hopes to leave a positive footprint by inspiring others to choose happiness. “Watching people grow through yoga is one of the most amazing miracles to witness.”