Set your intentions with Kundalini Yoga

Set your intentions with Kundalini Yoga

As we are flowing into the second month of 2019, we’re excited to be feeling into the energy of this new year. A new 12-month journey, and the energy is exciting and feels abundant in all aspects. This year in numerology is a 3 year which is all about creative self-expression, being social and connecting with others, and expansion! It’s so fun to look forward and envision what your life will look like this time next year – what you will create, achieve, manifest.

Starting a new year is a beautiful opportunity to start fresh and make changes and upgrades in all aspects of your life. It’s more important than ever to be meditating and connecting to your inner guidance daily so you can relax and know you’re going in the right direction with everything you’re creating and building.

How can you tap into your energy and true potential without setting lofty expectations or “resolutions ” likely to be crushed two months into the year? Through Kundalini Yoga, you’re able to focus your energy, center your mind and cultivate the right intentions for the new year.

There’s a power to intention.

Intentions are a magnetic tool for healing and if set right, they can heal all aspects of your life from relationships to career and situations you encounter. Kundalini Yoga teaches you to look at your life, follow your intuition and create an intent on what you would like to release or manifest. Our true life’s purpose and the intentions we set, helps elevate the globe into a higher vibration. If we choose to practice meditations or yoga to help teach us and guide us toward our intentions, then we can more easily meet our life’s purpose and begin to heal ourselves and the planet.

Using Kundalini Yoga to set the right intentions.

Kundalini Yoga is the power in awakening to your soul and all the energies of your body. We begin to understand that instead of setting rules or challenges as intentions and shifting them to releasing what no longer serves you, what you manifest organically showed up. It’s about consciously working with the energy of the universe and doing the work ourselves to do it. We all have a personal power and harnessing your power through the meditations, mantras and kriyas of Kundalini, you can begin to shift your life toward a more aligned, healthy way.

Use the Balance Projection with Intention Kriya for support on mastering different levels of the mind. The resulted balance allows you to reach mental relaxation to better align with your intentions.

1.) Sit in an easy pose.
2.) Elbows are relaxed at your sides, palms flat, fingers spread gently, thumb spread back easily.
3.) Touch the ringer fingers together. The right pinky goes under the left pinky finger, but not touching it. Close your eyes.
4.) The mantra is SAA TAA NAA MAA.
5.) When chanting SAA, mentally touch the thumb to the index finger. On TAA, mentally touch the thumb and middle finger. On NAA, mentally touch the thumb to the ring finger. On MAA, mentally touch the thumb to the pinky finger. Keep the fingers still.
6.) Continue for 11-31 minutes.

Let us know how it goes and we’re excited for you to try it to up level your intentions and the year!