You know those days when you are getting ready to plan your next class and you need a little inspiration? Class sequencing takes time and energy. It is so important for the entire sequence to make sense, lead students to a certain focus or prepare them well to reach a posture destination, and be safe.

After I plan a sequence, I need to practice the sequence and feel it in my body, to imagine at the same time what it feels like in a beginner student’s body and the props and tools I can give them to make it accessible. Then consideration must be placed on timing and breath.

This class will guide students to the peak posture: balancing half moon pose. I hope you will take it, have fun with it, make it yours, and teach it!

Suggested use for this sequence:
Times below are given per series.
Sun Salutations A and B can be set up slowly followed by moving repeatedly one breath to one posture.
Slight variations exist within vinyasa practice and teaching, therefore “FLOW to downward facing dog ” is suggested to mean: (exhale) chaturanga/low plank, (inhale) upward facing dog, (exhale) downward facing dog
Peak Posture: Balancing half moon
(60-minute vinyasa or power-vinyasa appropriate for beginner/intermediate level vinyasa)

1. Getting Started: take several deep breaths in each posture (8 minutes)
Child’s pose
Downward facing dog
Standing forward bend, ragdoll variation
Equal standing pose

2. Sun Salutation A (5 minutes)
(inhale) Mountain pose
(exhale) standing forward bend
*transition to the flow you elect to use throughout this sequence
-can use half  standing forward bend  or step/ float here before optional chaturanga series below:
e.g. (exhale) low plank/chaturanga
(inhale) upward facing dog
(exhale) downward facing dog

Repeat Sun Salutation A 2 more times

3. Sun Salutation B (10 minutes)
(inhale) chair pose *
(exhale) reach arms back, palms in*
*repeat the flow between the 2 postures with breath a few times)
(inhale) chair pose, (exhale) forward bend
FLOW to downward facing dog

Set up flow (right side then left side):

(exhale) tiger pose ۬(inhale) downward facing dog kick/3-legged dog ۬(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) high  lunge €¨(exhale) reach both arms back, palms face in
(inhale) 2nd  warrior €¨(exhale) side angle pose  opt. extended side angle
(inhale) reverse warrior

Flow Sun B with breath, 2 to 3 more times
CHILD’S POSE (minimum 3 breaths)

4. 1st Series (10 minutes)
(inhale) chair
(exhale) prayer twist
(exhale) maintain spine twist and step left foot back into revolved high lunge
(exhale) low lunge  right foot forward, left back €¨(exhale) half front-splits pose €¨(exhale) low lunge  right foot forward, left back €¨(inhale) 2nd  warrior €¨(exhale) vinyasa triangle pose €¨(inhale)  2nd  warrior
(exhale) FLOW to downward facing dog
Repeat  1st  series  on opposite side   €¨CHILD’S POSE

5. 2nd Series (10 minutes)
(exhale) tiger pose ۬(inhale) downward facing dog kick ۬(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) high lunge   €¨(exhale) reach both arms back
(exhale) 3rd warrior with arms back/airplane pose
(exhale) high lunge
(inhale) 2nd  warrior   €¨(exhale) side angle pose  opt. extended side angle, arm binds, birds of paradise
(inhale) reverse triangle
(exhale) low lunge €¨(inhale) down dog kick – right leg lifts €¨(exhale) runner’s lunge with back knee to mat
FLOW to downward facing dog
Repeat  2nd  series  on opposite side

6. Inversion Series (2 minutes)
Crow Pose

7. 3rd Series (8 minutes)
(exhale) low lunge
(inhale) 2nd  warrior
(exhale) balancing half moon
(inhale) 2nd  warrior €¨(inhale) 5-pointed star pose €¨(exhale) horse pose
(inhale) 5-pointed star pose €¨(exhale)  2nd  warrior €¨(exhale) FLOW to downward facing dog
Repeat  3rd  series  on opposite side

Hips, Spine, and Close (7 minutes)
(exhale) sleeping pigeon pose
Repeat on opposite side
(inhale) cobra pose
(inhale) repeat:  cobra pose €¨Rest

From seated:
(exhale) cow face pose -gomukhasana   €¨Repeat on opposite side
Rise and then lower to back
(exhale) happy baby pose
(exhale) supine spine twist
Repeat on opposite side

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