Currents of Energy: From Manifestation to Liberation

Currents of Energy: From Manifestation to Liberation

As you begin to plan your New Years’ resolutions you may want to consider the currents of energy within our bodies and how to manipulate them to create the life you want.

We spend most of our lives as upright vertical beings so our main energy flow is up and down. We also use horizontal in and across energy as we make contact with the outside world, interact and participate in energy exchanges with others. Liberation energy currents move from the root chakra upwards through the spine to the crown chakra. Manifestation energy currents move from the crown chakra downwards. These currents move through other chakras along the way and may sometimes be blocked.

These currents of energy are of expression and reception which move outside the body. We express the energy inside of us through our thoughts, creativity, or feelings. We receive energy from those around us as information, emotions or touch. If we are blocked, social interactions may be difficult. Chakra alignment and balancing begins at the root and moves to the crown. Addressing basic personal needs then moving to more spiritual needs.

The lower chakras are of substance. They are made of elements of earth, water, and fire and are more concrete and substantial for foundational building blocks. The lower chakras are for making our resolutions become a reality. The upper chakras are elements of air, space/ether, and light. They are for gathering dreams and ideas to bring to life. By using these currents of energy we become free from old beliefs, patterns, and habits. We feel connected as one with all other living beings.

Here’s how to use your currents of energy:

7 Chakras: Liberation Energy Movement (upward)

7 – Start to stabilize and connect, become grounded in the here and now.
6 – Open up the sense of creativity and possibility.
5 – Light the inner flame and move into action/take action.
4 – Connect to love and come from a place of love.
3 – Speak your truth and self-expression from a place of love.
2 – Connect with your inner truth and intuition.
1 – Finally connected to our true selves, we start to create a connection with universal consciousness.

7 Chakras: Manifestation Energy Movement (downward)

1 – Taking an idea from the universal consciousness.
2 – Visualization of the outcome and possibilities.
3 – Talking about the idea puts voice behind it so it can take shape.
4 – Connecting to the heart and coming from love to continue to manifest.
5 – Taking action towards your idea and goal. Creativity and power continue to flow.
6 – Final realization of the goal.
7 – Become grounded in that vision reality.

“We need to remember our intention is a germinating seed lying beneath the surface of our life. We have to keep nurturing our desire until its arrival feels so natural, it’s not even an event. The seed we planted has become such a part of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that its blossom feels familiar when it appears. ” -Jeanne McElvaney, Light in the Shadows