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Anga is an E-RYT instructor with a passion for yoga sequencing and crafting a quality student experience that is engaging and feels good and right for all. She has been teaching yoga for five years in San Diego, California. She has been involved in teacher trainings for power vinyasa instructors for the past four and recognizes the challenges teachers face in developing safe yoga sequences. Her mission is to be a source for guidance in providing sequences that yoga teachers can use as well as be a support for teachers in learning the rationale behind the art of sequencing. Find her classes at

The Basics of Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B

There are many ways to vary your sun salutations when you teach vinyasa yoga. What are the basics? Here are some simple postures to follow for sun salutation variations. Sun

Ready to Teach – 60 Minute Vinyasa Class – Focus: Balancing Half Moon

You know those days when you are getting ready to plan your next class and you need a little inspiration? Class sequencing takes time and energy. It is so important

Ready To Teach – 60 Minute Vinyasa Class – Focus: Twisting

Yoga sequencing can be the most time-intensive and challenging part of our job as yoga teachers. We are responsible for ensuring that a vinyasa class is anatomically sound and safe.