How Heartache Leads to Purpose

How Heartache Leads to Purpose

As a society, we are conditioned to celebrate and acknowledge only that which makes our life appear blissful and perfect. Our ego is fearful that if we dared shine light on those dark nooks and crannies that we will be exposed for who we truly are – imperfect. If we are being honest with ourselves, each and every one of us has a past; one that is familiar with the shadows just as much as the light. It is our shame that has us caged into believing that our imperfections and flawed demeanor will make us unlovable or unworthy, that we prevent ourselves from sharing the deepest parts of ourselves that, in turn, actually are the greatest sources of connection and purpose.

So, what if we chose to celebrate the darkness that has cast its shadow on our doorstep? What if on the other side of darkness, there is freedom and light?

Moreover, what if our purpose is hidden within these moments?

A beautiful example of this is Kim Bauman – a brilliant yoga instructor, philanthropist and founder of the for-purpose organization called the She is a tenacious female entrepreneur and her story is truly inspiring. For Kim, her story has inspired her life’s work and is the reason why the One Love Movement [along with all those that support her vision] exists today. Through her personal story, she found her purpose. She learned that what breaks your heart the most is where you’ll find your purpose to give from.

In 2012, Kim went on a humanitarian trip to Haiti with the non-profit Off the Mat, Into the World. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, Haiti was slowly rebuilding and Kim was there first hand to witness and contribute to the healing Haiti so desperately needed. The group volunteered in tent camps that were home to thousands, among which were orphanages where many of the children had either grown up or had been displaced from the earthquake. Everything changed in this moment.

It was then that Kim realized how blessed she was as she interacted with the children. Kim was an orphan herself in Korea and was adopted into a loving family as an infant. She saw herself in these children, which opened her eyes to her calling: to help children she sees herself in.

It is these inflection points in our lives – the trials and tribulations, the heartache, the shadows along our path – which create the most authentic meaning and fulfillment in our lives. It is by acting from the space of purpose that we create impactful change in the world.

Fast forward several years, Kim has turned her story into her purpose. One Love Movement is a thriving for-purpose organization that organizes events and projects in an effort to support underserved communities and advance social justice. By choosing to embrace her story, Kim planted the seed for the One Love Movement that exists today, which is a testament that darkness or misfortune gives rise to light and purpose.

Following Kim’s lead, embrace the parts of you and your story that you feel more compelled to hide. We find healing through connection with others and understanding that we are not alone in our struggles. Dare to bring it to the surface and share it with those you trust. The more we appropriately share these inflection points in our lives, the more we understand how interconnected we all are and that every single thing we navigate through has intentional purpose in our life. We are being called to heal ourselves and, in turn, help others heal by acknowledging we are all in this together. This is where we find purpose.