3 Reasons to Go Organic in the Bedroom

3 Reasons to Go Organic in the Bedroom

I love sleep.

Sleep quite possibly might be my life’s work. In fact, my next domain purchase may just be sleepdigest.com.   My greatest accomplishments are not only having children, but teaching them to sleep so beautifully through the night within several weeks of being born.   As teenagers, they still proved to be masters at sleeping! All kidding aside,   I do love sleep.   Crawling into my , under fresh linens and into fluffy pillows remains a high point at the end of each day.

In addition to being a , supporting organic is also a huge passion.   Here are three reasons you should consider going organic in the bedroom as well as the kitchen (bathroom, medicine chest, make up bag etc….)


  1. It’s healthier for you.  Just like avoiding harsh chemicals for consumption and topically on your skin, choosing organic bedding and bed linens will protect you from dyes, inks, heavy metals, formaldehyde and numerous other harmful synthetics.   Short term symptoms can be allergies, irritations and rashes, especially for sensitive skin.   Long term exposure to some of these additives can potentially cause serious health risks and issues.   Choose organic and rest peacefully, knowing you are not only creating better wellness for yourself through healthy sleep, but also in a clean environment to do so!
  2. It’s healthier for the planet. Though roughly 70% of the world is covered with water, according to , only about 2.5% is fresh and even less is available to sustain our bustling planet.   Cotton crops are said to be the largest consumer of water usage among agriculture crops.   The same is true of pesticides and chemicals. Organic farming uses far less water than traditional farming and is free of toxins that contaminate the soil and air.
  3. It’s more comfortable. When you consider how much time you spend sleeping (approximately 26 years of your life), it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible! Pesticides and harsh cleansers used in the manufacturing of sheets can create a stiff, scratchy sensation.   are much softer to the touch and feel amazing on your skin. They are far more breathable as well and prevent you from overheating while sleeping.


Healthy sleep equals happy people!   If there is one thing you should splurge on it’s a bedroom haven.   CEO and founder of says his company was founded on the philosophy of making local, natural and non-toxic products sourced from the finest materials. He wants his customers to purchase with confidence that they’re getting the best, cleanest and safest beds and bedding for their family.

With lack of sleep being a contributor to so many issues, complications and disease, it’s worth taking some time to make sure your bedroom is a for quality sleep!