5 Life Lessons Kundalini Yoga has Taught Me:

5 Life Lessons Kundalini Yoga has Taught Me:

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Though it appears quite dogmatic, extreme and overly spiritual with people in white chanting, wearing turbans, and moving in auspicious ways, it is actually a sacred healing art and scientific technology.

Doing Kundalini Yoga has transformed my body and mind, helping me reach a more peaceful and satisfying way of living. It’s helped me release my demons, confront my fears, break bad habits, and how to let go of   limiting tales I told myself. After many mantras and lots of chants, I rewired my brain from all the painful memories that once haunted me. It was with Kundalini that I was able to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.   For the first time in my life, I understood what it meant to feel wonderful from the inside out.


5 Life Lessons Kundalini Yoga has Taught Me:

  • Your true power is in how well you treat yourself and your body.

We are more than a body, we are a soul. Within us is all the wisdom we need, we simply must learn who we are and how to respect our body and treat it well so it can guide us with intuition it’s own natural communication system

  • You need a real supportive community and honest people to thrive.

Surrounding yourself in a positive environment with kind, honest people will lift your spirits and help keep you happy. Negative energy and lack of support, can keep us drained, fatigued, depressed, and lower our energy tremendously.

  • Change is necessary to grow and connect to your soul.

Change is challenging, but embracing change with new attitudes can lead you forward in new directions and towards higher dreams and bigger future visions. Every soul yearns to grow, experience new things, and continue to evolve in more fruitful manners.

  • All people ultimately are lessons to help you love yourself better.

There is no need to hold onto people or hate others or reprimand partners that once hurt you. Relationships of all kinds are meant to shape one another and help us understand where we need to take better control of ourselves and make changes to satisfy our own hearts desire.

  • Never be afraid to be yourself.

Poor parenting and society has created a paradigm where so many people are lost and scared to be themselves. No matter what people say, or how they may judge or react, understand the best thing for you is to be yourself and live your life as the happy, unique, and kind person you were born to be!

I wake up happier now. Have more energy. I live life fuller, and I worry less about other people or what they think about me. Kundalini has changed me for the better and showed me the righteous path to blissful living.