4 Ways To Save Money Eating Organic

4 Ways To Save Money Eating Organic

Buying organic is on the rise, but so are the prices.   For alot of us, budgets do not permit us buying 100% organic even though independent studies are showing that organic foods are far more nutrient dense then conventional options.   With that said, eating organic produce for just one week will eliminate 90% the toxic chemicals and pesticides from your body.   Companies like Wal-Mart are exploring options to making organic food more affordable.   Lets hope they can make it happen!   So if you are on a budget and want to go organic as often as possible,

Here’s 4 ways to save money when buying organic:

1. Buy Wholesale

If you have been at wholesale stores lately, you have probably seen their organic options all over the store for just about every food product you can find.   The produce section of these stores are major money savers compared to your local grocer, especially in bulk packaging.   Buying in bulk at wholesale will save you endless trips to your local grocer while keeping money in your pocket.

2. Find an Organic Delivery Service

This option can be tricky.   Most organic delivery services are very limited to their shipping areas.   Luckily, this option is gaining huge momentum for good reason – it saves money by buying in bulk and saves money on gas by not having to drive to the grocery store.

3. Grow Your Own

This is by far the best option if you have the time to maintain.   There will be a slight upfront cost getting your gardens set up, but this option will save you loads of money as time goes on.   Even better, you have full control over your plants and conveniently have dozens of organic options available at any given moment.   If you do not have the space, consider finding an organic community garden.   These are popping up randomly all over the world.

4. Avoid the Big   Natural Grocers

If you are looking to save money, this is a must.   Even though they may have more healthy options to choose from, big grocers like the Whole Foods of the world have outrageous prices on organic options.

With some time and creativity, organic abundance is possible.   Make it happen! Your body will thank you!

Photo – shutterstock.com