10 Thoughts That Suck The Life Out Of You (motivation)

10 Thoughts That Suck The Life Out Of You (motivation)

Life is tough, we all know it and have experienced tough times in our lives.   The thoughts can go through our head in the tough times can lead to daily routines and habits and eventually a lack of interest in life.   Change your perspective and learn to overcome these negative thoughts.

1. I wasn’t born with the right talent

Nobody was.

Have you ever seen a new born baby who was skilled enough on their first few days able to run hurdles or play the piano? No, you haven’t. Talent is developed through practice fueled by passion and desire in the chosen craft. I know for a fact you have certain personal passions that you would love to pursue, but you deny yourself to develop it because you don’t have “talent. ” It’s probable you have the tools, you just need to invest the time to turn it into talent.

2. What if I fail?

And, what if you do?

What’s the worst possible scenario? Is it that you will be in the exact same situation you’re in right now? If so, then the risk isn’t so bad. In fact, failure should be seen as lessons that propel you to learn faster, thus increasing your rate of success.

3. I’m not lucky like those people

Luck is usually a word that people use when they don’t want to in put the time and effort in to experiencing luck. If you study “lucky ” people you’ll soon realize that behind the success and luck you’ll also find years of labor, mistakes and grit. Lucky people create their own luck and so can you. The first step? L.abor U.nder C.orrect K.nowledge day in and day out, and in several years, a decade or perhaps even longer you’ll wake up an overnight success.

4. I’m not worth it

You have an incredible story to tell. Nobody else has the wisdom you do about your own story. Are you a recovering alcoholic? Thousands need to learn from you. Have you lost 70 lbs and reclaimed your life? Thousands want to learn from you. Do you battle with anxiety daily, but have found ways to manage it? Thousands want to learn from you. Do you have an incredible ability to bring people together? Thousands want to learn from you. Have you experienced sexual molestation, but have found ways to manage it? Thousands want to learn from you. Have you dealt with an autoimmune disease and have found a way to cure it? Thousands want to learn from you. Do you have the talent of blogging? Thousands want to learn from you. Have you recovered from an abusive relationship? Thousands want to learn from you. Do you have the gift of teaching? Thousands want to learn from you.

The point is you are worth it, and people want to learn from you personal stories and experience.

5. It’s too late

The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now. It’s only too late if you think it is.

6. I need permission

This thought is the mindset that the industrial revolution has tarnished our minds with. The factory model that was developed during the industrial age was also developed by our school systems (that up until this day is still the model), is the model that has stripped us of our ability to creatively step out and break the rules. We have been ironed into thinking that we need permission to do everything, and unless someone tells us “it’s ok to do it ” then we don’t even entertain the idea.

Show up, follow the rules, do the work as instructed and ask to go the bathroom.

If you break any rules or make mistakes you get punished. Go home, and do it again tomorrow. That’s what it’s like isn’t it? School and the traditional workplace thrive on confinement and rule following. This is why you are afraid to venture out and explore. Years of following the rules and being granted to go to the bathroom or take your lunch break have conditioned you to believe that unless you have permission, you can’t do it otherwise. Here is a secret, YES YOU CAN. The disclaimer: There is no roadmap, you’re going to have to design your own.

7. I don’t have time

You have the time, you just choose to invest it in something else. What is probably a more accurate claim, is that you don’t have the energy. We all have the same amount of time, 168 hours a week but how we use those hours determines how much energy we have. When you make to many investments with your time, you run out of energy and soon you’ll crash. Evaluate your life and identify the essential and eliminate the rest.

8. I don’t know how to do it

If you’re reading this, you’re using the exact tool (the internet) that allows you to learn practically anything. From free content to online education and everything in between (e-books, seminars, webinars, guides, programs) it’s impossible to use the “I don’t know how to do it ” claim and validate it as true.

9. I’ve failed enough, I’m done taking risks

Failure is a great learning opportunity. These experiences are gold, if you allow them to be. One way failing can turn for the worse is if you continue to make the same mistake over and over again. Journaling, blogging, counseling and having a best friend or spouse as a soundboard are great way to make sure you are learning from you own mistakes, protecting you from making the same one again.

10. I just wish it wasn’t this way

How much worrying or wishing is enough to change the way things currently are? Being able to be content with the current situation, and not wishing it were different is a priceless skill. It will save you tons of emotional, physical and psychological stress.

You have a set of unique gifts along with a story nobody else has, share it with the world and don’t let these toxic thoughts stop you from doing it.

What about you?

Do you deal with any of these toxic thoughts? Do you have any creative ways on how you deal and manage them?

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