Love …a four letter word that since the beginning of time has been a topic of books, songs and movies. It has started wars and ended wars. Yet, there is still a sense of mysticism that surrounds it. It seems to be so simple, yet we find ourselves always seeking it.

As the #1 country music hit in 1980 from the movie, Urban Cowboy, goes … “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places … “, rings true to the heart. We find ourselves seeking love when, in the end (and the beginning), we have had love within ourselves all along. Personally, it took me 47 years to figure this out. I didn’t find it in my courses in psychology, or in late night gatherings with girlfriends, nor any type of spirituality teachings, but on a small piece of rubber mat that I laid down in a yoga studio. Little did I know when I first started practicing yoga, the physical asana practice would lead to an inner journey of my soul. Stepping onto my yoga mat soon came to be a place of sanctity, safety, exploration and truth. But, it didn’t magically happen, either! As all things in life …it’s a process.

So what is Loveability?

The ability to love, perhaps. But, who do we have the ability to love? It seems natural to love our mom or dad, sister or brother, our cat or dog. But, before we can truly bestow our endearment to others, one must look in the mirror and love who’s looking back at us …can we actually love ourselves? And the answer is, undoubtedly, YES! Because we are made of love. It is our purpose to love. Love unites us all as one humanity.

The work on our yoga mat is a wonderful place to start. It is a haven to peel off the layers of self-judgment and criticism so that we can learn to accept ourselves for who we truly are; to let go of expectations and to listen with our hearts. I still struggle with the Ego and how it tries to restrict me. It is also what keeps my yoga practice in check so that I can let go of Ego and allow the love of Self to come forth. The practice of yoga and the practice of putting faith in love go hand-in-hand. Yoga facilitates a practice to look within. Our faith in love will keep us true to our Self.

“Let your teacher be Love itself. ” ~Rumi