Upgrade Your Metabolism with Kundalini Yoga

Upgrade Your Metabolism with Kundalini Yoga

The term “metabolism ” is a high buzzword these days. Especially in the spaces concerned with health, wellness and vitality.

The cacophony in the multi-billion-dollar wellness industry -one in which I am an entrepreneur -around metabolism, metabolic function and weight loss borders on bedlam. I often wonder how any of us are expected to find the oft promoted calm, heal our bodies or enjoy the gift of life with this much commotion.

Part of what I see going on in the discourse around metabolism is a deep misunderstanding about how the metabolic system actually functions. We’re still very much wrapped up in a hyper focus and hyper criticism of the physical body based on a very narrow standard of shape and beauty.

To be fair, Ashley Graham, body activist, model, designer, entrepreneur and her #beautybeyondsize hashtag, is one example of a rising tide of body positivity and an expanding understanding of what healthy can look like. I have a huge amount of respect for the empowerment that Ms. Graham is bringing to the world. That said, her work still only ripples out in the realm of the physical.

As all of us on the planet today get more sensitive and more sophisticated about our bodies and how it feels to live in them, the old ways of engaging with our physical systems don’t fit.

We’re starting to become aware that our physical body isn’t all there is. Yogic science actually considers the physical, flesh and bone body is just 1/10th of total being. There are nine other layers of being! And these other nine bodies are just as real and tangible.

Most of us tend to think about metabolism as the speed at which we burn calories (food or fat) for energy. In Kundalini Yoga, however, we broaden the term metabolism to refer how you process and use any kind of energy. All of your 10-bodies run on energy and, therefore, they have metabolisms!

If the 10-body system comes off as a little too esoteric, just relax. I don’t want you to get caught up in fancy yogic terms. The only reason why its crucial now that we start gaining awareness and sensitizing ourselves to these additional layers of being care is because how you use energy in your 10-bodies has a direct impact on your physical wellness. Your shape, weight loss and rate of aging all depend on the cleanliness, functionality and utilization of energy on all 10 layers of embodiment.

What makes Kundalini Yoga so powerful and unique in the saturated wellness landscape is that Kundalini works on all 10 levels of your being. Unlike the majority of health practices that only work on one aspect of your being (your body, your mind, or your aura), Kundalini Yoga activates and amplifies all 10 of your bodies every time.

This is why you see people who have been working out for years come to Kundalini Yoga and loose 20 pounds in six months with no real diet changes or increased calorie burns. Or why, when you start Kundalini, you’ll see a substantial, visible increase in glow to your skin and even reduced wrinkles.

The full vibrancy, longevity and the beauty of the body depends only 1/10th on the physical. To have effective metabolic function, powerfully beautiful shape and health that just won’t quit, you need a system that works all 10 layers of being every time.

The 3-part Kundalini Yoga set I give below is one of my favorites. It was given by Yoga Bhajan, the master who brought Kundalini to the West in 1969, as a weight loss set and in it’s simplicity it is so effective. As it works on your pituitary and thyroid (glands fundamental to metabolic balance), and your total 10 body system, it adjusts your physicality into one that is majestic and graceful and gives you a health that is deep and immovable. Enjoy it!


To Start. Tune in for the practice by reciting the mantra “Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo, ” three times. Then begin the set, holding each posture for equal amounts of time.

  1. Camel Pose. “Stand ” on your knees, with your knees balanced about two fists apart. Press your hips forward and, supporting your lower back with your hands, arch backwards. Open the heart, throat and chest. If you feel good here, stay. If you have more flexibility, release the hands onto your ankles. Stay open and graceful and breathe normally.

Time: 1-3 minutes (Max time: 11 minutes)

  1. Rock Pose. Slowly come out of Camel Pose and come sitting on your heels. Place your hands on your thighs, sit straight and focus at the brow point. Breath meditatively.

Time: 1-3 minutes (Max time: 11 minutes)

  1. Baby Pose. From Rock Pose, bring your forehead to the ground in front of your knees. Bring your arms beside you, palms facing up. Breathe and relax.

Time: 1-3 minutes (Max time: 11 minutes)