How to Create a Tranquil Garden

How to Create a Tranquil Garden

Our gardens are often something we take for granted. In fact, many of us don’t utilize out gardens at all and spend most of our time at home inside our house. But you can easily turn your garden into an amazing safe haven for you to go when life gets too overwhelming.

It’s good to spend some time outside every day, for sunlight and fresh air. If you don’t have much time to sit and relax in your garden, you can always exercise outside. Keep reading if you want to get started on creating your own tranquil garden.


Water is great for relaxing. There’s something so peaceful about listening to water run, like at a stream, or even just staring into its depth, like at a dam. Have you ever gone to a waterfall and stared at the water while listening to the calming sounds that accompany it? Luckily, you can have a something similar in your own garden. The water fountains at Outdoor Art Pros will instantly transport to you to a place of peace, relaxation and tranquility.


While having plants in your garden is pretty much a given, it’s still worth a mention, since plants and flowers play such a big part in our gardens. Being around plants actually has a lot of health benefits, as well as the fact that they’re pleasing to look at and pleasant to smell. You can even add some relaxing plants like lavender and let the gentle scent help you find a state of serenity.


Adding a bench to your garden gives you a place to call your own, a place where you can go when you need some “me-time”. You can place it in your favorite spot in your garden, away from any commotion. An ideal spot for it is under a tree, so that you don’t get sunburnt while trying to relax. You can have your cup of coffee here each morning, making it a part of your daily routine. If you’re up to it, you can even individualize your bench by spray painting it.


There’s just something about the sound of chimes tinkling in the wind that brings a sense of calm and ease. Especially if you live in a big city or close to a street, adding some wind-chimes is an easy way to bring a joyful sound to your home amidst the noise and traffic.

Invite birds

The sound of birds chirping is such a delight, and having your garden filled with birds is a sure way to brighten up any day. You might need to invite the birds into your garden by putting out a birdbath or hanging a bird feeder in a tree.

Stepping stones

Something about the smooth roundness of stepping stones just oozes tranquility. Many people believe that surrounding yourself with rocks and stones can help to ground you and make you feel more at ease. Whether you agree or not, you’ll surely agree that stepping stones add a certain level of calmness to your garden.


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