Finding the Happy Path with Yoga

Finding the Happy Path with Yoga

There comes a time in life when nothing seems to work and an inner desire begins to build calling you to something better. For me it was happiness, purpose, and wondering how I could live a life without pain and with better health. I was tired of sitting bored at a desk all day.   I no longer wanted to live in the matrix society built. Without knowing why, there was a strong internal calling that begged me to question life’s bigger meaning and an urge to transform my life.

At that point in my life, I had no idea what spiritual awakening was. I always believed in a higher power. Throughout my life I had many far out magical experiences that left me with no choice but to believe in some force beyond. Religion never stuck well with me. Yoga opened the gates to what I was seeking to find. That within the yoga walls lit up something within me and sparked a new desire to live with more meaning and actually do what I yearned to do. Breath by breath, I let my old self die within the yoga studio and amongst the yoga scene, I took a transformational journey. It was not about getting into the pose or building the perfect figure. I suppose I’m still working on that. It was about softening the mind and listening to the heart. Though I never believed kundalini or cosmic bliss could ever happen, when the spirit bug bites, sometimes there is no turning back. The yogic path will do more than make you feel pleasant for a few sweet minutes or tone your body. It actually restores you and teaches you how to find the peaceful place within. Often it is the road less taken that pushes you through the challenges to help you find a better place and happier and peaceful state of living.

Signs that You are Growing Spiritually

  1. A strong desire to know your life purpose
  2. Interest in health & wellness & feeding you body better
  3. A sudden desire to do more yoga, meditation, & improve yourself
  4. Your old friends and circles no longer appeal to you
  5. You are drawn to self development books & spiritual authors
  6. You have growing pains as your body changes
  7. Disrupted sleep cycles & vivid dreams
  8. New heaps of emotions surface
  9. Increased sensitivities to negativity & surroundings
  10. Synchronicities happen to put you in a new direction
  11. Strong urge to make the world a better place

Waking up can be hard and a very challenging thing to navigate through. It takes work to meet our shadow and shed our ego. It takes courage to soften and open your true heart. The Yogic journey to spiritual bliss and true union with your self takes tremendous willpower.

What the Yoga studio forgot to mention was that the real purpose of the whole yoga practice is to learn how to listen to your heart and live fully in love with yourself and with one another. The union of You is only achieved by those who dare to go beyond the asana and work into the mind and reform whatever it was once taught. Spirit lives inside us all, if we are willing to slow down and hear our inner voice. Yoga can put you on the path of seeking satisfaction and give you the strength to stop pushing, and learn to find happiness and love within your own soulful self. That is the journey so many of us strive to experience in a lifetime. Though the journey may be challenging, it will change you and reform everything about you. Yoga will lead you to happier life and healthier mindset, if you let it.