Natalie Jill: One Love Movement Podcast

Natalie Jill @nataliejillfit specializes in healthy lifestyles that extend beyond your physical weight loss but also focusing and caring for your state of mind & being. She uses her story about hitting rock bottom, losing her house, being overweight and going through a divorce while pregnant, to help others who are at their rock bottom. In this episode Natalie talks about overcoming the mind-chatter, the limited beliefs, and her life path which led her to helping millions just by following her own truth. Organically, Natalie has gained nearly 2 million followers on Facebook and 500k+ on Instagram… clearly the world is by inspired by her journey. Thank you for listening! We hope you will enjoy!




Kim Bauman

Kim Bauman is the Founder of One Love Movement, a yoga teacher, and the creator and facilitator of One Love Heroes talk show and podcast. One Love Movement is a nonprofit that brings people together to take action and build support for projects advancing social justice, particularly to under-represented kids. To learn more, please go to: