Recycle Your Life Into Happiness On A Budget

Recycle Your Life Into Happiness On A Budget

As much as I like recycling paper and think we should all do more of that, this article isn’t about that.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to find happiness. As a child I had to carry adult responsibilities, as my life quickly changed from the magical to miserable when my parents parted ways and I had the premature realisation that we are all ultimately on our own. Consequently, I grew up struggling and lacked self-worth.

So one day, when I was months away from turning twenty, I bought a one-way bus ticket to London. I arrived during the rush hour thinking the world had gone mad. With little money in my pocket, I set out on a quest for happiness. Luck was on my side as a great aunt, whom I don’t remember meeting as a child, offered to rent me a room.

Thus I started to develop as an adult, and as the years passed I began making positive changes. I discovered yoga and self-help. It was a great shift but equally I found the expense of trying to afford life at times frustrating. Though more contented I wondered if I would ever turn my life fully around and get out of debt.

After a string of unfortunate relationships, I met my current partner and started to search for more depth in my life. I also took a big gamble and left a hectic office job which I hated and instead took an exciting one, working part-time. All of this was done with the aim of running my wellness business on the other days. These changes taught me how to have trust.

Joy to me was like frayed string floating on the end of a balloon. Just out of my reach until one day I stepped outside my comfort zone and caught me some.

The whole process was very tough, but I was determined. I went without many things and at times felt inadequate. The silver lining is that I learnt how to recycle my life into joyful happiness while not spending much money, and consequently made peace with money allowing it to flow. Here are my top tips on how this can be achieved.

1.          Learn to apply yield and adaptability to life
Life, I feel, is a sequence of lessons designed to develop us. Some lessons we learn fast while others take a while to master. It is important to have dreams, yet in the past I’ve allowed myself to become disheartened when things have not turned out how I’ve wished them to be.

The solution:  Have plans, dreams and go for them, yet also instill a sense of surrender and lots of humour. Recycle your thinking laterally, and instead of thinking life is working against you, embrace the bigger picture with a sense of wonderment.

Try to catch your dreams but if things don’t work out, ask yourself how you can still feel fulfilled by reaching a compromise. The more we can adapt, the happier we can be! Check out the rich array of mindfulness articles at Huffington Post. Also, rent some self-help books from your local library to get started you on your path.

2.          Recycle all areas of your life
I’m a great believer that half the time the things we need are already in our lives if only we could learn to view them through consciousness. Maybe you don’t like your career, relationship, social life or home. Instead of thinking you have to start from scratch, apply a bit of recycled thinking into all of these areas and watch them grow.

The solution:
Career –  make a list of things you love doing, both in life in general and your work life. Is there any way you can sidestep your career into something you love? If you think this is impossible, I am living proof that it is not. I like helping people, doing exercise and also writing. I sidestepped my career with a bit of patience and self-awareness. It is never too late to recycle your skills into a brighter, better future.
Social life –  Instead of thinking all the friends in the world are already taken, remember that in life people are making new friends and losing other friends all the time as circumstances change. Think about what you love or would love to do as a hobby and join a local group. This way, you get to learn and also meet new people who have something in common with you!
Relationships –  when I say recycle your relationships I’m not talking about taking back your ex, the one who treated you like chewing gum on their shoe. I’m also not saying it is time to dump your current partner – after all, only you know what is best for you.  You can instill a sense of magic into your existing relationships by learning to listen, connect and react less. Try it and watch how things change.

Most of my suggestions are free or don’t cost much; see you really can recycle your life on a budget!

3.          Find joy in the little things
Let go of waiting until conditions in life are perfect before you allow yourself to feel happy. This was an old favourite of mine until one day I woke up and decided happiness could and should happen right now.

The solution:  No matter how good or bad my day is, I begin it by thinking of at least three things I am grateful for and end it in the same way. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I have to dig deep to find something I am grateful for. Yet, no matter how big or small, I think it sends a good message out to the universe to recycle some luck my way.
A walk in nature helps me feel full of joy and abundant and is also free!

4.          Happiness is only a thought away
As the saying goes, what we think we become. The more we think misery, the more we feel it. I know I do when I’m in a negative mindset. I feel that despite my spiritual work that doesn’t mean I am immune to bouts of negativity. Yet, for me, awareness is everything.

The solution: When sad thoughts come my way thick and fast, I pause to notice the pattern and trick my subconscious by turning a negative into a positive. ‘I’m useless’ becomes ‘I am useful’. ‘I’m not loved’ becomes ‘I am loved’, even if I don’t fully believe it at the time. I feel being the watcher at the gates of my thinking means I can take responsibility for how I feel by choosing to be kind to myself.

So instead of thinking, you have to completely overhaul your life why not think of ways you can adapt what you have got for your greater good? Waste nothing: that means use all your skills to your best ability.    As you can see it doesn’t have to break your budget to make positive changes today.

So what are you waiting for …? How can you recycle your life?