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Kali Bliss is a Yoga teacher & Reiki Master who has a passion for helping people live a happy and blissful life. Kali teaches a unique Yoga style focused on heart openings that integrate vinyasa yoga and Kundalini techniques with mantra, meditation, and movement. She uses quantum healing and sound healing to remove blocks within the body and gives a unique yogic experience. Kali teaches at CorePower Yoga and around San Diego. She leads Wellness Cleanses that integrate Ayurveda and mindful practices to help people improve digestion and feel good in all aspects of themselves. She integrates various healing modalities in her Yoga classes and intuitive energy sessions. Besides Yoga, Kali enjoys singing, music, writing, photography, waterskiing and of course traveling. You can find her by the ocean and swimming with dolphins frequently. She loves kids and wants to help the future generations live peaceful and happy. Say Yes to You and live a life of passionate and purpose! Get Your FREE Yogi Guide to Wellness & digestion on her website & sign up for her emails:, Instagram: KaliBlissYogi

5 Life Lessons Kundalini Yoga has Taught Me:

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Though it appears quite dogmatic, extreme and overly spiritual with people in white chanting, wearing turbans, and moving in auspicious ways, it is

Spring Renewal: 11Tips for Balanced & Mindful Living

Spring is the fresh new start of the astrological new year. Yogis believe it is when we are all able to have a fresh new cycle to plant new seeds

Celebrate Love Within You

If you can’t love yourself, how can anyone else? Be your own Valentine!

3 Ways to Move Forward Peacefully with Change

Our souls are born to expand and grow. It is our purpose in life to try new things, meet new people, have many relationships, and endlessly explore life as the fun journey it is meant to be. Nothing in nature stays the same, and we as humans constantly shift as well.

Summer Time Ayurveda Wellness & Digestion Tips

The summer season inspires us to get outside more, play in nature, and have more fun! Often it is the season where we let loose, work less, and choose to

5 Ways Energy Healing Can Help You

Energy healing is a fabulous way to reform your body and open you up to feel better in all aspects of your life! Here are 5 ways it can help!

Finding the Happy Path with Yoga

More you practice yoga, the more you learn it’s not about the poses, it’s the journey through them that awakens you from the inside out.

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Digestion

It is no fun to feel stuck, bloated, or extra heavy, especially in your gut region! We all love the pleasure of eating, enjoying good company, and amazing food! When