5 Easy Tips to Help Your Digestion

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Digestion

It is no fun to feel stuck, bloated, or extra heavy, especially in your gut region! We all love the pleasure of eating, enjoying good company, and amazing food! When your digestion is blocked or moving slow it can create much chaos in your body and take a toll on other organs which leave you feeling depleted, tired, bogged down, and mentally unclear.

It is vital to eliminate daily, and to remain relaxed so your body can fully process the food you consume and ensure it empties out of your system too. With good digestion you can keep pounds off, have more energy, and avoid the excess coffee, sugars, and junk that calls to us when we need a quick pick me up!

Enjoy these easy tips to help you digest properly and help you wake up better and hopefully with a bowel movement!

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and take time to incorporate long deep breathing first thing in the morning.

Sit with your feet planted on the ground or sit cross legged on the floor then set your alarm on your phone for ten minutes. Close your eyes and focus on breathing in slowly, holding slightly at the top, then letting the air go. Feel the air move in and out and try to relax in the sensation and enjoy the peace. Begin your day with a centered mind and you can be more calm throughout your day.

2. Keep a water bottle or cup of water next to your bed and chug it upon waking.

Putting water into your body will rehydrate the cells and help wake you up naturally from your slumber. This helps organs come out of sleep mode and begin digesting (last nights meals perhaps?).

3. Always drink tea before coffee or any other substance!

Enjoy a hot cup of water with some lemon or pick up some detox tea from the store. The lemon helps to purify your body and cleanse your system while encouraging digestion. Use lemon throughout your day in your water and other beverages too!

4. Roll your feet with a lacrosse ball or tennis ball.

Your feet are a mini map of your whole system. When you get a pedicure or foot massage you help activate certain reflex points that trigger organs, including your stomach and digestive system. The foot massage also helps relax tight muscles and enhances circulation to your whole system.

5. Take Aloe shots in water or in smoothies.

Aloe has powerful soothing benefits and helps decrease inflammation. You can drink it plain, mix it with water, or put it in smoothies and juices. It helps heal the gut and contains neutralizing compounds for internal healing. Aloe helps improves digestion, colitis, ulcers, and clears away toxins and helps enhance bowl movements.