How Yoga Can Help Recover From Drug Addiction

How Yoga Can Help Recover From Drug Addiction

Here at Yoga Digest, our ultimate aim is to promote a vibrant community of passionate change-makers. Optimal health is the name of the game and we always aspire to educate and connect with our audience.
We want to promote well-being for all by nurturing independence and individual growth. Recently, we have been looking at how yoga can help those struggling with various addictions speed up the recovery process. Of course, every type of is different so we will try to keep things as general as possible for the benefits of our readers.

Many of our readers have experienced almost near religious experiences as they practice yoga on the mats and yoga can be an effective tool in processing both grief and trauma but how exactly can yoga help combat addiction? At its most basic, yoga can replace an artificial high with a natural one. focuses on drawing awareness away from external stimuli which can detach you from your senses and focus your attention internally. This, in time, allows for individuals to rely less on external factors which essentially means the longing for external pleasure can decrease over time.

The community aspect is also important and should not be overlooked. Of course, there are different approaches to different addiction treatments. An can be offered for those with a drug problem or those who are suffering from alcoholism can go down the AA route. It all depends on the individual and their respective circumstances but a rehab center won’t suit everyone. Many AA users enjoy the community aspect but this is offered with yoga as well. Through teachings and classes, a real community spirit and bond can be forged when you join a yoga class.

The next factor that stands out to us is yoga’s ability to combat anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress are often key triggers for various addictions but yoga can help as it works with the nervous and glandular system to literally reinforce these parts of the body. Over time this can help users overcome periods of stress and even panic attacks. Managing stress directly and immediately is effective and yoga teaches you how to do this. This leads us to our next point.

A rehab center may help users cope but what happens when they leave rehab? Yoga is the ultimate healthy coping tool and using yoga to destress after a long day can help users avoid alcohol or drugs. Many people use these substances as a coping mechanism for life’s pressures so why not adopt a healthier alternative? Pulling out the yoga mat after a stressful day can be an effective remedy and really offer stimulation to fight stress in the medium to long term.

Finally, we have sleep. I can affect anyone at any time and one of our favorite effects of yoga is the beneficial impact that it can have on an individual’s ability to sleep. Yoga can help induce sleep by preparing you for rest. The key is to practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques which can, in time, allow the user to fall asleep easier than they ever have before. Alcohol and cannabis have long been used by many people to help induce sleep but yoga is a much healthier and natural alternative. It really can fix anything if you focus hard enough.

These are just some of the ways in which yoga can help those who are perhaps recovering from an alcohol or substance problem. If you are new to the site an enjoyed the article then why not and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.