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Meditation Make-Over

With the ‘mindfulness movement’ in full force, everyone is trying to become more woke and self-aware. Many are touting practices that help TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. There is so much new

Are You a Terrible Meditator and Can You Fix the Problem?

Several years ago talk show host Michael Feldman of the NPR show “Whad’Ya Know ”  was interviewing author and The New York Times columnist Patricia Marks. Marks said she paid

10 Ways to Celebrate National Meditation Month

May has been designated National Meditation Month. If you’ve been wanting to meditate or if you’ve had a desire to do more meditation, this is the month to start. Here

Demystifying Meditation

What hinders your practice?     Though the effect of a dedicated is equanimity; it’s ironic that for most students at the onset of meditation, the mind resists with the