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Brian Serven began his ever-deepening relationship with yoga in 2008, as a counterweight to the intensity of studying martial arts. Concepts such as self-reliance, non-violence, clarity and discipline were found to harmonize between the disciplines and validated the belief of common roots. In 2020, Brian, his wife Michelle, pup Cubert and cats; Baroness and Doom, left the northeast and moved cross-country to southern California, where they enjoy cycling, astronomy and vegan cuisine.

Demystifying Meditation

What hinders your practice?   Though the effect of a dedicated meditation practice is equanimity; it’s ironic that for most students at the onset of meditation, the mind resists with the

What Ignites the Spark of Transformation in Yoga?

What ignites the spark of transformation in yoga? The simple answer is philosophy.   The transformative effects of yoga are nearly impossible to describe because they are entirely subjective. Each