Heal Your Home Environment Using the 5 Elements

Heal Your Home Environment Using the 5 Elements

Learning how to create an intentional healing environment is important for maintaining good health. The use of colors, choice of lighting, the use of the 5 elements, and the very symbolic meaning of the objects and pictures, are all important.

Here are six guidelines on how best to make your surroundings the most renewing, serene and healing possible:

  • Incorporate the 5 Elements throughout your home. Purity of air and natural physical surroundings are essential.
  • Focus on color and light. Create space by de-cluttering.
  • Order and simplicity help the energy to move easily in the space = Flow. (Chaos and complexity are too demanding.)
  • Visually stimulate through artwork and naturally made items.
  • Meaning and intention can be introduced by placing meaningful pictures and objects where they can be easily seen or touched.
  • Peace in the form of a peaceful, cool space that is undemanding.

The 5 elements philosophy in Japanese Buddhism, is derived from Buddhist beliefs:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Space

These 5 elements from the natural world live in our bodies and in the meridians (energetic pathways) through which Chi (vital life energy force) moves and governs the quality of your health.

Earth: Grounded/Stable

Honoring this element in your home can provide a sense of protection, strength, and stability
Remove anything not contributing to the balance you are now creating
Incorporate nature: plants, clay pots, glass, stone or wood items

Water: Jala/Flow

Create “flow ” in your home by rearranging furniture
Remove excessive clutter for more visual fluidity
Add a water feature, fountain, aquarium, or floating candles
Consider a humidifier or dehumidifier to balance moisture levels in your home. To choose the perfect dehumidifier, check out this guide from the in case you would want to get one.

Fire: Tapas/Energy

Maintain natural balance in lighting – not too dark, not too dim
Maintain balance in temperature of your home
Return to your natural circadian rhythms, natural sleep cycle
This all affects the harmonizing of energy, mood, and immunity

Air: Prana/Life

Consider eco friendly low chemical cleaners
Natural fabrics
Add houseplants to your home
Clean the vents and filters
Consider an air purifier

Ether: Space/Void

Remove all unused and unwanted objects from your home
Focus on one room at a time
Clear closets first to make room for storage
Consider how each item adds harmony to your home

Our surroundings influence our well-being in powerful ways. By simply including the 5 Elements we are able to help ourselves heal. Healing is quite different from curing, which is physical recovery from disease. Healing can be thought of as restoring a person to a sense of wholeness, emotionally, mentally and, when possible, physically. We can assist our own healing process with our surroundings in several ways – by decreasing the stress response, lifting mood, boosting the immune system, reducing pain, and even changing our expectations. Try a few changes in your home environment to see what happens.