Full Circle – The Lost Year Living During a Pandemic

Full Circle – The Lost Year Living During a Pandemic

The circle is a universal symbol with many meanings. It represents wholeness, totality and perfection. It also symbolizes God, the Self and the sun. The circle implies the cycle of time, the zero grounding our system of numbering and represents oneness in the union of marriage.

As we approach the anniversary of COVID-19, we have come full circle in one year. A transformation from the life we once knew to a “new normal ” way of living. Full circle is coming back to a familiar place but somehow changed. We’ve worked through the many challenges, issues and processes to achieve a new level of mastery in life. Coming full circle allows us to pause and reflect on the lessons learned and establish a new platform to move forward, honoring the courage, stamina and flexibility it has taken to be strong and not lose hope. You were born for this, to be here now, to make a difference in your circle of life.

When we look back, remember your resilience and strength. With both lessons and losses, loss of life, loss of income, loss of celebrations and loss of human touch and connection. But also so much gained like time reclaimed to really slow down, write, read, be with your immediate family at every meal that was cooked at home with love.

The anxiety and isolation caused by COVID-19 is very real to all of us. Recognizing that we are all experiencing a collective trauma that is impacting the entire world both mentally and physically is important. We all have the innate ability to cope and adapt to change, the key is to switch the brain function from a fear based fight or flight response to a more clear thinking functioning response. Yoga is a wonderful way to incorporate breath and movement to regain control of the brain. Yoga can help ease the emotional stress of chronic worry which causes our brains to stay in a state of fear and threat.

In addition to yoga, getting correct sleep, being mindful of diet and social support are all important in reframing our perspective of the “new normal ” way of living. It’s been a journey. Mine. Yours. All of us. A path taken because something hit you so hard, you had no choice but to pick yourself up and continue forward. When we come full circle, we can appreciate where we’ve come from, where we stand and where we could possibly go from here. Look at this moment as a milestone, marking an important new chapter on your continuing development as a human being.

“Nature has built-in equitable checks and balances we cannot escape. ” ~Zach Bush