No Excuses: 5 Ways to Make Healthy a Habit

No Excuses: 5 Ways to Make Healthy a Habit

Do you know anyone in your life not busy? Anyone you know just sitting around with nothing to do? I didn’t think so. Everyone I know stays pretty busy maintaining a successful career and home life, and an almost-tabloid worthy social life. A few people I know even sprinkle one or two children into the mix, all attempting to make the most of each 24 hours without going crazy in some form or fashion. Enter the number one excuse for not prioritizing sweat time. “I’m too busy. ”

Here are some power tips that’ll not only help you get your exercise time in, but also leave you feeling like you have an extra hour (because of the added energy you’ll have.)

1.   Workout first thing in the morning -before the rest of your house (and your world) wakes up.   This way it’s done, and you’re burning calories more effectively all day long.   This is an especially good habit to have if your job requires you to sit at a desk or computer for most of the day.
2.   Implement food prep day.   Once a week, prepare single-meal portions for the rest of your week.   Choose your favorite healthy foods, and package/store them appropriately.   You want to always have something wholesome and fulfilling to reach for -no matter where you are.
3.   You have one hour for a lunch break -skip the drive to the restaurant.   Go somewhere you can get 30 minutes of sweat time in, and grab one of your homemade, pre-made meals for fuel afterward.   Grab a buddy if you can!
4.   Implement HIIT workouts on days where your schedule doesn’t have a lot of give.   30 minutes of high intensity interval training will make your heart rate soar and leave you burning calories long after you zip up your new skinny jeans.
5.   Eliminate television time altogether or if you can’t say ‘no’ to your favorite shows, at least workout while you watch.   TiVo your favorites and attack your cardio and strength training reps while your mind follows your favorite characters.   The pause from real life has health benefits.

You wear many hats and people will always need you.   Consider it a blessing and commit to maintaining great health so you can wear all of your hats with style!

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