A Dozen Ways Meditation Can Benefit You Right Now

A Dozen Ways Meditation Can Benefit You Right Now

“Wisdom springs from meditation; without meditation wisdom wanes. Having known these two paths of progress and decline, therefore conduct yourselves so that wisdom may increase ” said the Buddha.
Here are a dozen ways that even a small amount of meditation can be a large benefit to you.

1. If your heart has been broken, meditation can be your greatest guide leading you to heal the pain and experience renewed happiness;

2. If you are a sick, meditation can restore your health or it can provide you with the insight to managing the illness more skillfully;

3. If you are depressed, meditation can create greater mindfulness freeing you to emerge from depression;

4. If you are an addict, meditation can give you the insight and the power necessary for you to take corrective action over a habit which has enslaved you;

5. If you are a busy person working in a fast paced, hectic job, meditation can ease the stress and strain while producing relaxation;

6. If you are one who lives with fear, worry and anxiety, meditation can lift you into a more positive, hopeful and confident mindset;

7. If you are quick tempered and prone to anger, meditation leads to mastery of emotions creating a clear, calm mind;

8. If you are a wealthy person, meditation will deepen the awareness of your good fortune and how to make use of your wealth for your happiness and for others;

9. If you are a poor person, meditation will help you release self-limiting beliefs and increase self-confidence;

10. If you are a negative thinker, meditation will help you change your thoughts and transform your outlook

11. If you are standing at a crossroads in life and don’t know which way to proceed, meditation will help you understand your proper role in life and the best path to take you there;

12. If you are a person turned off by religion, meditation can give you a spiritual pathway in life without rigid dogmas, harsh doctrines and unreasonable beliefs.

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