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Kyle Michaud, president of Experience Expositions, produces massive vegan events across North America, spreading awareness about sustainability and healthy lifestyles. These events include The Yoga Expo & Vegfest Expos. His vision is to make a green-lifestyle possible for everyday people, by educating them on environmentally-friendly options that are available in their local community. Over 92,000 attendees were present at The Yoga Expo in 2017. Kyle has been featured as one of South Florida's rising young businessmen in publications such as Gold Coast Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, and Sun-Sentinel. He inspires people to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable consumption and production and providing more sustainable, green choices for everyday people.Instagram

Practicing Yoga Can Help You Reach Your Entrepreneurial Goals

Through all the craziness that life throws our way – it’s important to have something that keeps you grounded. I’ve found that practicing yoga has been a constant source of

Five stretches you can do from your desk to maintain mobility

It’s no secret that long hours of sitting and poor posture can have damaging effects on our health. A sedentary lifestyle (a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical