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Ahlia Hoffman is a yoga instructor, yoga studio consultant, and yoga teacher trainer in Southern California - she is also ranked Top Ten in the World for Tandem Surfing and competes at international tandem surfing contests. Ahlia wrote and has copy written a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training that is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and has trained incredible teachers through her trainings. Ahlia is also a fitness model and enjoys sharing her love for nature, yoga, healthy lifestyle, and peaceful living with others. Ahlia loves teaching and practicing yoga, tandem surfing, scuba diving, traveling, gardening, walking, and spending time with friends and loved ones. Ahlia's mission is to serve and uplift humanity through positive teachings and a continuous practice of gratitude and compassion. Ahlia's outlook is this: we have a finite amount of time in our lives, and to live graciously and joyfully loving ourselves and others, helping humanity in any way possible, and leaving each place brighter than we found it... to be present with each moment is an amazing way to spend the time that we have on this planet. To reach Ahlia please email or go to You can also follow Ahlia on Instagram @tandemsurf_yogini and see her GoPro videos on

Tools For Taking Yoga Off The Mat

What we practice on the four corners of the yoga mat can contribute to the way we live our lives from moment to moment.