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Kimberly is an ERYT as well as YACEP with Yoga Alliance. She has had the privilege of teaching, coaching and speaking all over the world in the fitness/yoga/wellness arena for 25+ years and was named the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year. Kimberly co-created EMPOWER! events and is the founder of Karma Warriors, a community created to inspire people to remember that they always have a choice – they can always choose love. She has also founded the heart-centered Make A Difference Academy, designed to support the success and fulfillment of yoga and group fitness teachers.

3 Daily Practices For a Positive Life

3 Simple tips to help you slow down and be in the moment!

5 Tips For Bringing New People Into Class

How do we as teachers get more people through the door and into our class? I get asked this question a lot. Here are 5 tips..

The Power of Theming in a Yoga Class

I have to say that I completely agree with Sara Avant Stover of Yoga Journal when she stated, “Using themes can turn your yoga classes from mundane to memorable.” And