5 Tips For Bringing New People Into Class

5 Tips For Bringing New People Into Class

Most teachers I know want to be able to teach to as many people as possible in a given class. And it doesn’t come from a place of ego at all. Teaching is not even a job; it is a calling. It’s a calling of leadership in a big way. My experience has taught me that most teachers do what they do because they want to make a positive impact on the lives of others. They want to lift others up through their teaching. With this as the desire, OF COURSE they want to be able to offer that service and gift to as many people as they possibly can!

So, how do we as teachers get more people through the door and into our class? I get asked this question a lot. Here are 5 tips I have to share:

1) Invite Them! It seems too simple …and it is, really. If you were hosting a party or “gathering ” of some kind, you would be sure to invite guests to join you, right? If you didn’t, it would be a pretty lonely party! Well, every time you teach a class, you’re hosting a gathering. Are you inviting people to be your guests at these gatherings? If you teach at a large health club, you may strike up conversation with members anywhere from the treadmill to the locker room. In that conversation, if it feels right, just let them know what and when you teach and that you’d love to have them join you. Simple, yes? I’ve also invited people I’ve bumped into at Target, Starbucks …you get the idea. If it feels right, go for it. An invitation is always appreciated, whether they can take you up on it or not.

2) Be A Student. When you take other teachers’ classes, you not only support your fellow teachers and gain inspiration for yourself both as a student and teacher but also ensure that the students see you as a strong pillar of the community. They also see that you’re the kind of teacher who also values being a student, which can be a very attractive quality.

3) Attend Events. Much like taking other teachers’ classes, attending local events that your club or studio hosts helps solidify that you are a member of this community and you want to be engaged with others. It really makes you much more approachable for those who may not have otherwise considered taking your class!

4) Get Social. Social Media, that is. The world has changed for us as teachers and if you haven’t engaged on social media yet, it is time. I know that many people have an aversion to Facebook and Instagram; but, if you have a desire to positively impact more people, you may want to open yourself up to the fact that social media is a fantastic platform that can serve to assist you in your calling. You can post your weekly schedule as well as open invitations for anyone who wants to come take a class with you. Also think about posting any content(quotes, links to articles, stories, etc) that inspires you. If it inspires you, it will likely inspire someone else and now you’ve made another kind of connection …and found another avenue for lifting others up. ˜º

5) Lead An Intro Class/Workshop. This is my favorite tip of all. We all know that, for new people, there can be a barrier to entry when it comes to joining any kind of group class for the first time. They may feel intimidated and even scared. There can be thoughts such as, “I won’t know anyone “, “I won’t know what to do “, “Will I be able to keep up? ” or “Everyone else in there is going to be so much further along than me ” and others. If you can offer an introductory class or workshop based on what you teach, you can remove that barrier to entry. You can create a safe place for new people to come and explore something potentially brand new with you. When they arrive, just be sure to meet them where they’re at offering plenty of encouragement and options along the way. Once they have a relationship and trust in place with you, they’re much more likely to come to your classes, regardless of what your teaching!

Regardless of what style of class you teach, keep doing what you love to do and incorporate any of these tips to help encourage new faces to make their way to your amazing classes. If you are brave enough to put yourself out there in these ways, you can trust that the people who would benefit from you and your class experiences will find their way to you.

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Much love to you and keep shining Difference Maker!