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3 Ways Yoga Helps Your Kids Get Ready for School

School is approaching and in some places in the country it has actually begun. There are some wonderful tools out there to help your kids get both their brains and bodies ready for school and helping to keep them calm and focused.

Managing the Holidays Mindfully

The Holidays can be a wonderful time of year filled with smells and tastes and sights that engage and excite the senses. It can also be a time filled with

7 tips to be a sustainable parent in 2021

  Becoming a mom two years ago made me an even more environmentally conscious adult. Now my choices were contributing not just to my own but to my entire household’s

A Mantra Practice for Fall

A mantra is a form of positive self-talk and a reminder of of our truth that separates us from the often confusing stories our mind can tell us.

Help Your Kids Transition in Spring Time!

Even though this time of year can “come in like a lion ” with a few extra bits of snow and cold it’s a great transition that leads us into

Encouraging an End To Violence through Yoga & Meditation

As a new mother, I am concerned for the future of my child. Not a day goes by that we don’t turn on the news and hear another story of

Raising Mindful Teens Without Losing Your Mind

As a mom of teens I hear myself repeating the same “requests ” over and over until ultimately they become “barking orders ” and I have turned into a nagging

4 Effective ways to deal w/ back to school anxiety

Using these “tools” before school starts and throughout the year can help you and your children navigate stress and anxiety.