Migraine & Chronic Headaches – Gone Forever?

Migraine & Chronic Headaches – Gone Forever?

There are over 45 million people who suffer from chronic headaches. Nearly 28 million suffer from  migraines  and over two-thirds are women.

Looking for instant relief, most people turn to traditional medications, not realizing that migraines are actually caused by physical and emotional stress that cause the body to slip out of alignment.

Try these four easy DIY exercises that can help relieve everything from vertigo to  chronic  headaches and migraines.

Exercise #1   –  Resting Back  Bring a flat-bottomed chair, a timer, and a paperback with you as you lie down on the floor. Put your calves on the seat of the chair, knees to the ceiling, thighs vertical, and shins horizontal. If your head is tilted back, jaw jutting up, put a paperback or two under your head to level things out. After a while, your neck and back muscles will relax and your head will tilt toward neutral. Take the book away; repeat as the head and shoulders level out. STAY at least 10 minutes. Let your shoulders and hips fall into the floor.
What does this do? Gravity opens the chest and levels the shoulders, back, and hips, bringing the neck and head to neutral.

Exercise  #2   –  Relaxed Spine in Extension Position  Take a firm chair, block, or hassock at least 10 inches high. Make sure it won’t slip. Kneel on the seat of the chair with the back of the chair to your left or right. Hands go on the floor 5-6 inches in front of you, elbows straight. Your hips should be 3-4 inches in front of your knees. Let your lower back arch with the movement coming from the tilt of your pelvis. Collapse your shoulder blades in toward your spine, elbows straight. Drop your head and HOLD this position for 1-2 minutes. If there is pressure on your low back, move your hips back toward your knees.
What does this do?  The spine relaxes into extension, not remaining slouched in flexion, reducing the stress on your neck muscles.

Exercise #3   –  Air Bench With Pillow  Do this with bare feet or rubber-soled shoes. Stand with your back to a wall. Place a cushion or folded-over pillow between your knees. Gently hold it there. Walk your feet forward as you slide down the wall almost to a sitting position. Knees are over ankles, not toes. Feel your weight in your heels. Feet should be parallel, pointing straight ahead. Press your hips and the small of your back into the wall. Inhale and pull your bellybutton to your spine. Breathe. HOLD for 30 seconds. Build up to 2 minutes. Add more time each day.
What does this do? The exercise retrains your hips, knees, and ankles to work together, convincing the head, hips, shoulders, and neck that they can work in vertical alignment.

Exercise #4   –  Door Handle or Pole Squat  Hold on to a pole or a doorknob for support. A doorjamb will work, too. Bend your knees and arch your lower back. Keep your torso straight. Lower your body so that your knees and hips are parallel. Make sure your arms are straight, knees aligned with hips and feet. Keep the torso vertical. HOLD this position for 30 seconds. Build up to 1-2 minutes.
What does this do? This exercise pushes the lower-body muscles and structures into alignment and promotes correct, non rotating movement.