Can Essential Oils Make Our Days More Enjoyable?

Can Essential Oils Make Our Days More Enjoyable?

If there’s one thing spending more time at home, made us do, it’s become more aware of the small things in life.

Maybe you’re drinking more coffee than you should, and it makes you tired in the afternoon. Perhaps you want to start cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Or maybe, you’re looking for a fun way to relax after a day at work and spend some “me” time.

We get it. Everyone has their problems. But, did you notice that for everything we mentioned above, there is a way essential oils can help you? There’s an oil for almost everything.

Yet, we’re going to keep this article focused. Yes, you can use essential oils in your beauty routine, or even reduce stress (more about it you can read on Kumi, but we’re going to talk about how you can use them to make your days a tiny bit more enjoyable. Whether through introducing healthier habits, or changing up your daily routine for the better.

Aromatherapy is the ultimate way to spend an hour or two, enjoying some “me” time.

We all need some alone time in our day-to-day. Whether it’s the kids causing a ruckus, or our routines, the fact is that finding a hobby, or blocking time in your schedule for doing something that you truly like is essential to keep yourself motivated and stress-free.

You can get yourself a simple aromatherapy lamp, the kind that you drop a few drops of essential oil and a bit of water, and then you light a small candle underneath it. While modern diffusers are okay, there’s nothing like using an all-natural lamp diffuser. They’re much more affordable as well.

Do it in the evening before going to bed. It’s best if you can change the lighting and set a more personal mood in the room. Just don’t forget to blow out the candle before going to sleep.

You can substitute detergents with essential oils in your cleaning routine to use a more natural approach.

Everyone who likes to declutter and clean their home, surely they’ve always wondered if they can substitute the cleaning detergents with something greener.

While there are plenty of “eco” cleaning solutions you can buy off the shelf; there’s nothing like doing it yourself. Lemon oil can be a great disinfectant. Everything from cleaning produce, to making a water/lemon oil mixture to wipe the dust off on the shelves. You can use essential oils.

Next time you’re wiping the floor, mix part water, part vinegar, and part lavender oil. Your home will smell amazing after the smell of the vinegar evaporates. Swap all the fresheners in your home with Do It Yourself essential oil fresheners.

If there’s one way you should use essential oils, it’s to use their amazing scents to their full potential. There’s nothing like having a natural smell in your home.

It just makes everything feel cozy.

There are numerous recipes online. Some of the best are either with lavender or lemon essential oil.

Use essential oils to boost your mood, creativity, or even energy while you’re working from home.

One thing that essential oils are known for is that they have the power to influence the way we feel. Some, like lavender, make us feel more relaxed, sleepy, calm even.

Others, like the tangerine essential oil, have the power to allow our minds roam free and unlock our creativity exactly when we need it.

However you decide to use essential oils in your daily life, one thing is sure — they can make our lives a tiny bit more enjoyable in many different ways.

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