Neha O’Rourke is the Founder and Career Coach at
a coaching company that empowers women around the country and across industries in
designing a career and life they love. Since founding Somewhere In Between, Neha has
served hundreds of women in avoiding career burnout through her signature 1:1 career
coaching programs, research-based blog series, and public appearances.

Yoga Digest: How did you get into your business?

Neha: My journey to starting my business was not a sexy one. Let’s just say there were
several bad days, more than a few tears, and even moments where my hair began
falling out that led to my “ah ha ” moment.

My crisis? As a result of my dedication to my fancy (on paper) advertising career, I
experienced severe burnout – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The variable? The decisions I made to allow that to happen.

Now, I’ve been through the ringer in life. Trauma. Abuse. Heartbreak. You know… life!
How in the heck did my career get the best of me? It was during this process of trying to
find the answer that I also realized that I wanted to serve women who are floating in
that same “survival ” boat. I wanted to help them make more sense of their careers and
lives. I knew I had to do something to change this – because life is a gift and not
something we should be “surviving. ”

Yoga Digest: Why is it important to have a message, mission and intention?

Neha: It will never be lost on me that the women I engage with – whether it be 1:1,
workshops, public speaking, or even social media – are arriving at a very personal,
sacred, and sensitive time in their lives.

I’ve had the honor of being front row as women make strides in better understanding
themselves, reclaiming power (and energy) in their lives, and brings what matters most
to them to the forefront.

Yoga Digest: Why is a philosophy that you live by?

Neha: You always have a choice.

As you move forward in your day, week, career, etc consider the choices that you get to
make – to not let frustration or adversity define you, to own “gremlins ” (a term I use in
my coaching practice for “limiting beliefs “) that may be in the way or even prevent you
from doing the things outside of your belief of self. Remember that you have the choice
to push past the discomfort, know that you won’t be perfect, learn from your mistakes
and always just go for it. The world needs what you have to offer.