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Whitney is an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor and founder of Sojourn; a sacred space created for people to come as they are, align with their purpose and feel supported as they grow to their greatest potential. In her 20’s, her curiosity around healing and thirst to know more led her to gather an abundance of different healers, teachers, facilitators and leaders on a mission to spread healing to the world. In discovering these connections and a collective mission, Whitney uncovered her divine purpose as a teacher, facilitator, mentor and the creator of Sojourn - a welcoming space where no one would ever feel unsupported again. Whitney manages collective in addition to offering private healing sessions, Breathwork, Reiki and customized coaching programs for those seeking further alignment to their soul’s purpose and life's work.

The Power of Breathwork: 3 Reasons To Incorporate Breathwork Into Your Self-care Regimen

If you’re engaged in the yoga and meditation community, you have likely heard of Breathwork by now. A common claim is that “Breathwork is the new.. [ insert yoga or