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Amanda Thomas

A cancer conqueror that beat the system by faith, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and self advocacy. Amanda is a yoga teacher and facilitator of healing mind - body - spirit connections to help others get to the root cause of their afflictions and find their body's natural ability to heal. Amanda's focus is on trauma outreach and recovery. She is the creator of The Root Awakening and a wellness clinic on the horizon called Safe Haven. Amanda's "why" is her son that is pursuing a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. When she isn't serving others she loves to be in nature, chase sunsets, SUP, or resting her soul on the coast.

How Yoga Chose Me

Just an everyday overachieving, hypervigilent, perfectionist, striving for success, kinda girl. Two educations and two careers. Interior Design and NASM Personal Trainer. You say, “I’m successful and a great mom,”