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Reese Hart is a RYT 200 who also teaches meditation with the University of Waterloo Meditation Explorers and strives to exemplify the freedom that it can offer. Reese believes that practicing yoga helps to offer a strength and ease in all parts of life, leading people to immerse themselves in the present and find a healthy way to live. She is currently devoting herself to emotional growth, self-compassion, honesty and trust. She loves nature, hiking, dancing and exploring new experiences. Reese hopes to inspire others to be free, love often, feel grateful and accept all of the challenges of an open, connected life.

Rewiring your brain – How to change samskaras to create more freedom in life 

Samskara are habits created when thoughts and actions become impressions on the mind. They are the result of repetitive behavior that strengthens neural pathways which can unconsciously affect our reactions to stimuli.