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Masumi Goldman

MASUMI GOLDMAN is a former Wall Street analyst and MIT graduate who wandered into the world of yoga and decided to stay.  She developed a physical practice while dealing with a painful condition affecting her joints and tendons, and later discovered the power of meditation during the difficult months following her daughter’s kidney transplant.   Today, she is a yoga teacher, writer, and wellness advocate for organ transplant patients. Her commitment to yoga and wellness has been featured in various media outlets, including the Today Show, Bloomberg TV, Yoga Journal, Style Bistro, Shape Magazine, Refinery29 and Business Insider.  She has also partnered with major brands, such as Gaiam and Kohl’s in their wellness endeavors.  Her hope is to continue spreading the inclusive message of yoga for everyone.  Instagram:  @masumi_g

For the Love of Yin

In our own daily lives, many of us tend to lean toward the yang side of the spectrum: working long hours, exercising hard, and moving along dynamically in a fast-paced world. Yin yoga is an opportunity to balance some of that active yang energy by nurturing stillness in the body.