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JESSICA SCHATZ, The Core Expert™, uses her extensive knowledge, skill, and heart to inspire others to live better, happier lives. She is acknowledged in the health, wellness, and fitness communities for her integrative methodology and teaching of the mind-body connection. Jessica’s method is rooted in Pilates and draws upon elements of Yoga, bio-mechanics, meditation, psychotherapy, physiology, kinesiology, strength and conditioning exercises, nutrition, and other modalities to address the whole person – mind, body, spirit. She is distinguished from many fitness professionals in the unique way she combines scientific knowledge of the physical core with an intuitive sense of the inner core of each person. Instagram


When you ask someone how they’re doing, do you ever hear, “I’m great, life is so balanced and calm and stress free”? Or, when you’re sitting in traffic, late for

How Gratitude Became My Antidote For Anxiety

I made it! I’m actually here! Row U, Seat 37, Orchestra section, jammed into the middle of a long, long row of seats with no center aisle in the massive,