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Banyan Gallagher dreams of living in a world where people laugh more. As a past semi-pro athlete, Banyan's fascination with all things movement-related led him to in-depth studies of martial arts, firedance, circus clown, ballet, motorcycle racing, human dissection, philosophy, mystical poetry, and meditation, the ultimate movement of stillness. Instagram @yogibanyan Somehow Banyan manages to synthesize these diverse interests into a lesson for all of us — that happiness and awakening are ours for the taking. Through the platform of yoga and awareness, Banyan spreads his love of life throughout the world in three to five Yoga Alliance-certified trainings a year at the 200 and 300 hour level, as well as assorted trainings and workshops. Please visit to discover where in the world you can find him. And then give him a smile.

Yogis are Clowns (in the Best of Ways)

Yep, I said it. Yogis are clowns. With our pink and yellow leggings and fervent attempts to do something awesome without falling down, it might be time to admit our