Wanderlust 108!

Wanderlust 108!

There’s something special and unique about the world coming together over mindfulness. It’s like a meeting of the minds for yogis. I mean really …. how cool is that?! When I first got wind of Wanderlust’s new 108 event, a “mindful triathlon “, I was curious, excited and knew this was something I had to be a part of. Already in love with the original Wanderlust Festivals to me it was like hearing there was a new restaurant opening up by my favorite chef, of course I would try it, no question because of their reputation. As with Wanderlust, I didn’t need to know all the details, I was already a “yes ” because it was an event from the producers of Wanderlust Festivals.

With the original Wanderlust Festivals spanning across 4 days and requiring me to book airfare to attend, I loved the simple fact that the 108 event would be more accessible for my pocket book and my stacked calendar. It’s one half of your day yet still brings together thousands of like-minded people in the same space to spread good vibes.

Please join us Sunday, May 8th in San Diego, CA for Wanderlust’s reimagined triathlon. Run/walk a five-kilometer route jamming to beats from DJ Drez, practice yoga outdoors with teacher Chelsey Korus, dance your yoga booty off with MC Yogi, and then bring all that goodness together with a guided meditation led by Noah Levine. Festivities also include Acro yoga, aerial yoga, hooping and other surprises throughout the day.

Gather a friend and purchase your tickets today! Imagine the world more mindful. It’s time to smile more, laugh louder, be a little nicer, and love bigger.

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