10 Reasons To Date a Guy Who Does Yoga

10 Reasons To Date a Guy Who Does Yoga

A few weeks ago, Yoga Digest published a popular article   by Jordan Younger, aka, .   I thought it would be fun to highlight some advantages to dating a guy who does yoga.

Here are 10 reasons to date a guy who does yoga:

1.   The majority of single guys who enter a yoga class, go in on their own.   It is possibly a bigger challenge for an in-shape single guy to enter a class, than a woman who is out of shape, not-flexible, or scared to fart, or all three.   They are likely to be spontaneous and independent.

2.   A man who does yoga usually has a good sense of humor, and doesn’t take himself too serious, either.

3.   Don’t let #2 fool you, he will also most likely be a deep thinker, is in touch with his senses and spirtuality, and believes   in something bigger and more powerful than himself.

4.   He understand and accepts some vulnerability to life, himself and to others.   He falls.   He gets up.   He comes back.

5.   A Man who loves yoga, will love to go to yoga class with you, maybe even suggest it!

6.   He has grown to prefer women who are comfortable in their own skin that don’t wear a ton of make-up, are comfortable with their hair in a ponytail, and not bothered by a little sweat!   So he appreciates the real you, as is, naturally beautiful.

7.   If he can handle the heat of a 98 degree hot yoga class, he can handle you when you need to vent!

8.   He is there because he is working on himself wants to be a better person. Nothing wrong with that.   Nothing wrong with that!

9.   He is a gentleman who regularly practice self respect and therefore likely respects   and loves his family, elders and also knows that ladies always get the mat spray first!

10.   He smiles.   A lot.   He is not caught up in everyday stress thanks to his yoga practice.   This will make your life easier and allow you to smile more, too!

There you have it!   Why every yoga girl should date a guy who does yoga!   Now go find that guy in class that actually takes yoga seriously and get to know him.

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