Shockingly Works – How to effectively use green tea for hang over!

Shockingly Works – How to effectively use green tea for hang over!

How to Use Japanese Green Tea to Cure Your Hangover

Few things feel worse than waking up with a terrible hangover. Fortunately, studies have shown that consuming green tea can help cure your hangover and even lessen the longterm damage that alcohol has on the body. Green tea can help alleviate common hangover symptoms, including headache, nausea, and lessened ability to concentrate. It can also help to prevent serious liver and stomach damage before it occurs.

۬ ۬It Soothes Inflammation ۬ ۬

After a night of heavy drinking, you probably experience stomach pain. This is because alcohol increases the acid in your stomach and causes inflammation that may lead to pain and nausea. Many people reach for greasy fast food to cure their hangover, but high-fat foods are not the answer. Researchers at The University of Maryland Medical center recommend foods that contain flavonoids, which are compounds found in plants that have high antioxidant content and health benefits. Foods that are high in flavonoids include parsley, berries, and of course green tea. These foods have been proven to reduce inflammation and help you on your path to recovery after excess alcohol consumption.

It Prevents Damage Before You Drink

Consumption of green tea before you indulge in alcohol can help prevent damage to your liver. This is because green tea is high in antioxidants that protect the liver from damage. Antioxidants can also help increase the speed that your body metabolizes alcohol. In a recent study with rats, those that were given a dose of green tea extract along with alcohol showed practically no inflammation after the four-week testing period. The other rats were given caffeine with their alcohol or alcohol alone. These rats had increased belly fat and inflammation after four weeks. This result shows that consumption of green tea before alcohol can help reduce long term damage to the liver, as well as lessening inflammation that can cause discomfort and nausea. Green tea can help you cure your hangover before it even happens!

۬ ۬It Reduces Headaches

One of the worst hangover symptoms is the piercing headache that many people experience after having one too many glasses of wine or beer the night before. The key ingredient in green tea that can help reduce headache is caffeine. Compared to coffee, green tea contains only a mild dose of caffeine. This mild dose can reduce your headache in a number of ways. Before a headache starts, the blood vessels in the head begin to dilate. This process is known as vasodilatation. Caffeine causes the blood vessels to constrict, preventing the headache before it begins. Though other beverages such as coffee also contain caffeine, green tea is a superior beverage to drink when you’re trying to cure a hangover. This is because green tea contains a low dose of caffeine that helps to reduce headache without overloading the body with caffeine and causing symptoms such as anxiety, rapid heartbeat, or heart palpitations.

It Increases Effectiveness of Medication

One of the most common cures for a hangover is to take a couple of pain relieving pills. Although this method can help relieve hangover symptoms, adding green tea increases its effectiveness. Researchers at The Cleveland Clinic report that pain relief pills, or analgesics, work more quickly and efficiently with caffeine. Consuming caffeine along with analgesics makes them up to 40% more effective. This means that you can consume fewer pills and reduce the potential side effects of analgesics, which may include upset stomach, heartburn, or dizziness. The body is also able to absorb these medications more quickly with the aid of caffeine, so you’ll feel better more quickly by taking medication with green tea rather than on its own.

What Does This Mean? ۬ ۬

As I’ve illustrated above, drinking green tea is an excellent way to cure your hangover. Green tea can help reduce stomach inflammation and nausea so you can start out your day feeling healthy and happy rather than miserable. It can also cure your headache or even prevent a headache from occurring. Green tea provides the ideal amount of caffeine to get you out of bed and ready for the day without overloading your system and causing that terrible jittery feeling we associate with coffee. When consumed with medication, green tea can help you feel better more quickly by increasing the effectiveness of the medication and the speed of its absorption. Finally, green tea can help prevent damage to your liver due to excess alcohol consumption. The benefits of green tea for curing your hangover are limitless. Drinking green tea can help you stay healthy and happy even if you had a bit too much to drink last night.