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Jean Marie currently lives in Argyle Texas with her supportive, loving husband and their dog. She was a hairdresser for 30 years and going through a divorce brought her to yoga. In 2007, she received her 200 hour certification from Southwest Institute of Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Her first job in Texas was Life Time Fitness. She loved teaching so much in 2012, retired from hair and started teaching full time for Life Time Fitness and many different studio’s in the area. Quickly following her passion she received her 500 hour certification for a  Yoga Therapist. In 2014, she became a Yoga Teacher Trainer and became a Yoga Coordinator for Life Time Fitness. As a Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator, her Yoga Program was #1 in 2015 in the Country (out of 120 clubs). Currently she received her certification for Yoga for Cancer, to teach to those who are survivors or currently in treatment. Instagram

Yoga Beyond the Physical – Part Two

Metaphysics means “beyond the physical.”  It is a blend of science, religion, and philosophy. It covers all forms of the universe and its beautiful functions. It is the universal knowledge

Yoga – Beyond the Physical

“Up dog, down dog, take a big breath in and bend your knees.  Find child pose”. We can all relate to these common words in a yoga class. We are